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(^_^)/ Moshi-moshi...Hello...Haiiiiii...!!!

My name is Putri Ehara / エハラ プテリ
or famous with name Ehara Poetry but many people call me Bunda Putri or just Bunda..

Housewife / mother of 2 / home chef /momtrepreneur / Kuter (Kuis Hunter) / blogger

I love to cook, cooking for life & life for cooking..
I love listening to the music everytime I can..
I love reading novel, but sometimes read comics too..
I love traveling, traveling to all around the world with my family is my biggest dream..
I love giveaway, I think I have a special blessing to win a lots of giveaway, haha.. 
I love all about beauty, makeup, fashion & in between!
I am a very lucky woman! 

Because I have beautiful family, I married to amazing man and have 2 handsome boys. Everything I do, I do it for them & with them. We are happy family and I hope we will live happily ever after <3

Married in a very young age is a big decision but that is best decision I ever had in my life) I feel  very thankful and never regret it because I love everything that's happen in my life. Proud to be a young housewifes & a young mother! 

"I maybe young but always try to be a wise mother!"

Putri Ehara

Putri Ehara
My father is Japanese, mother is Indonesian. 

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~My Highest Achievement On Cooking~

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