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              Wuxi Guangcai Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd


              Cold rolling is an integral part of the modern procedure for effective metalworking. Wuxi GUANGCAI Machinery has gained prominence as a Chinese manufacturer of cold roll forming equipment, roll forming accessory equipment, roll formed products, and protection films. We offer more than a hundred variations of the roll forming machine for panels including the color steel plate, glazed roof tile, building floor deck, multi-function composite panel, C/Z purlin, carriage board, etc. Comprehensively sorted in 20 major product series, these advanced equipment sets are ideal for the processing of curved panels and trapezoidal plates for irregularly shaped roofs, e.g., conical, spherical. Customization options are available for attributes such as raw material, dimensions, and tensile strength. Client-side blueprints and samples are accepted.

              Our machinery is utilized extensively by industries such as light steel, automobile, and civic engineering. A domestic distribution network allows us to provide full coverage for more than 20 provinces nationwide. We export globally to countries and regions including America, Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc.

              We are currently headquartered within the Qianqiao Industrial Park of Wuxi city, near Taihu Lake. Our property spans over 32,000 square meters, of which 12,000 is occupied by facilities. We have an experienced staff or more than 300 employees. Our development team of 30 consists of senior and intermediate engineers, all of whom are experts in the fields of design and manufacturing. These professionals can provide total solutions for non-standard cold roll forming machines based on individual customer preferences. Efficient communications with client-side representatives allow us to meet their exact demands. Our implementation of advanced information technology enables high working proficiency. In this capacity, we can effectively eliminate overly complex processes for procedures such as machine operation, maintenance, and technical management.

              We have developed a series of high performance silo cold roll forming machinery. This achievement distinguishes us as the only domestic manufacturer capable of producing such machines. We have successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System certification. In 2013, we were designated as a "Corporate Design Center" by the Wuxi Bureau of Science & Technology.

              The reputation of GUANGCAI Machinery is built upon the solid foundation of outstanding quality. We have successively gained membership into highly respected organizations such as the Chinese Cold Roll Machinery Association and the Chinese Steel Structure Association. Ongoing support from a worldwide client-base has greatly contributed towards our development and expansion efforts. Your confidence in our products is the driving force behind our dedication!




              Contact Us

              Wuxi Guangcai Machinery
              Tel.: 0086-510-83217802

              Fax: 0086-510-83202261
              Add.: No. 545, Qianhu RD, Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, P.R. China 214151