My Holidays Nails [NOTD]

(^_^) Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrated it..

Holidays Christmas Nail Art

I didn't celebrated christmas because I'm muslim, but I love everything about this holidays season! So, my today nails is all about the holidays season spirits (in my thoughts, hehehe)

Holidays Christmas Nail Art
Indoor with lamp lighting, My lil' Xmas tree is glowing, hehehe 

I use Misslyn nail polish for the base, ugh I forget the shade name but it's a beautiful red shade, it's also very quick dry, I just love it <3 I will review the details about this pretty nail polish in another post!

Holidays Christmas Nail Art
Outside with sun lighting, well it's a lil bit messy but I love my lil' Xmas tree <3

Other tools I use is small nail brush, white nail polish, black nail polish, gold glitter nail polish, tops coat, silver & gold nail tape, & some beads. Actually this Holidays nail art is very simple, but sorry I didn't take the step-by-step picture (>_<) I was busy baking cookies while I do this nails, and the result is my top coat polish a lil' bit scratchy, hahaha.

Holidays Christmas Nail Art

Yayyyyy,,that's all my Holiday Nails, what do you think about it???
And what about your Holidays nails?
Leave a comment with your link, I would love to see yours <3


  1. Wow!!! great job dear! your nails looked really amazing!!! Don't know if I can pull off the same nail art but I would really love to try that one. It's so cute and pretty!!! <3

    love lots,

  2. Your nails are AMAZING!! Merry [Belated] Christmas!

    Sed Bona