Easy zombie makeup, no need latex! 

I loving watching zombies movies, I always want to do zombie makeup like in the movies but latex for creating zombie skin is quite expensive and hard to find in my place (>_<) So I using substitutes material less expensive and of course you can find it on your dressing table!

Tools Needed: 
- Eyelash glue (DO NOT use super glue/usual glue) 
- Tissue 
- Foundation with a pale / lighter than the color of skin 
- Powder
- Eyeshadow shade black / black eyebrow pencil 
- Lip Tint in shade dark red / red blood


How To: 
1. Firstly, wear the foundation to the entire face, including the lips. Then apply glue to the area near the lips, a tear forms with shape you desired. 
2. Place the tissue sheet on top the glue (one thin layer of tissue only) that have previously been torn lengthwise. 
3. Apply glue again on top the tissue. 
4. rApply another layer of tissue, leave some parts of the tissue that does not stick to the glue in order to create some kind of skin rips. Leave until the glue completely dries. 
5. Apply foundation to entire tissue until the tissue is covered by a foundation and then set with powder. Remember, be careful in applying it so the tissue sheet not tear. 
6. Give a little shading of black eyeshadow or a black eyebrow pencil in the inner & outer of 'ripping' skin, to give rotten skin impression. 
7. Apply lip tint on the inside 'ripped skin', wait for a bit to dry. 
8. Apply again lip tint inside 'ripped skin', outer area of ​​the 'tear skins' and surrounding. 
9.You can repeat a similar way to other parts of the lip, or maybe you prefer a 1/2 Ripped Mouth makeup. 

Sexy ripped mouth zombie is ready for action!

You can also use this method to make ripped rips somewhere else as you wish.

My Zombie Face Of the Day...!

Do I look creepy?
Funny story, my husband was really-really frightened to see me this time, he got horrified, haha. He was amazed at my makeup that actually looks like the original scar, but when I approached him to show the makeup results close up. He immediately felt nauseous and ran as fast as lightning, ran away from home, hahaha.

This is just a beginning of your nightmare..


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