[REVIEW] Dr. Morita Aloe Vera Gel

My mother gave me this product, she got it from her friend who had just returned from taiwan. It's Taiwan skincare so all description written in Taiwan letters. I almost can't read anything except 'Dr. Morita' and small letters at the bottom that says 'made ​​in Taiwan' (>_<)

Sooo...I google it, and only found a little info about this product. There are some bloggers who review it, but again, they all written in Taiwan letters! (>_<) *I can't read it, even google translate can't help*

After searching for so long, I finally know this product name! ahahaha, it's Dr. Morita Aloe Vera Gel  (^_^)v *cmiww*

The product have gel texture, transparent green color, & the scent is not too flashy.
I think this product like a after sun lotion, this product help protect or maybe 'healing' our skin from the sunburn. I say that because this product have the gel texture that feels cool on the skin, but does not feel sticky at all. 

 I like to apply this gel lotion after traveling from outside the home.
Well, like I already tell you before, Okinawa weather is hot & dry, everyday is summer here! After go outside my skin got a little sunburn, specially on my hand. Applying this Aloe Vera gel slightly reduces the burning sensation caused by sunburn. But I only apply on my body & neck, I do not dare wear it in the face. Oh wait, or maybe I was wrong all this time? Maybe this product only for face??

Seriously, I'm still not sure about the ingredients detail, lol :-p 
But I read Dr. Morita is a great skincare from Taiwan, so I do believe this product is a great product. I will keep using it because I like it, is really useful & can be my best friend for this summer after a sunblock! ahahaha

Have you ever try this product or any Dr. Morita product?
Maybe you can give me more information about this product, I would love to know about it <3


  1. My mandarin is not fab babe, but basically, I think you have cucumber, some melon essence, an acidic ingredient plus chinese liquorice - hope that helps!

  2. the product looks interesting! never tried any of dr morita before! :D (GIG)

    Pudding Monster

  3. I love all Aloe Vera products; this is such a great plant which such an amazing properties

  4. Till date I've not tried anything from Dr. Morita, but i do love anything with Aloe Vera in it....... cause its always so soothing...Thanks for sharing. GigLove

  5. Aloe vera products are a must have for me but I personally haven't tried this brand. Sounds interesting though. GIG love :)

  6. I didn't try Dr. Morita's but I used Aloe Vera gel on my cheeks and neck and it helps a lot this summer. If your sunburn is very bad I don't recommend on your face but using it on slightly ones helps, my face and neck recovered in 3 days perfectly. :)