[NOTD] Kawaii Nail Art

Actually, I create this nails 2 days ago,,,
 but I am still wearing it now, soooo I count this as NOTD too, ahahaha..

nail art
I called this 'Pink Princess Nails'
This is my special nail art for Ied Al-Adha day, I choose pastel color and just a simple nail art (well, this is simple for me but maybe too much for most people, hahaha)
I visited my husband hometown in Sumedang, Indonesia. I shake hand with many people that day and they all always looks at my 'pretty nails' and there are some funny comments that they express, like... "you have a flower growing on your nails?" or "Oh my gosh, your hands is like a princess hands, i bet you cant do housework duty with that hand"

LOL...I wanna laugh very hard but I can only smile :-)
Well, nail art is not too famous in my husband hometown, they all dont know that it is a fake nails! (which is great, this means my fake nails looks like a real nails, haha) Off course I still can do all housework with this hand, I just need to take off the nails and wear it again when I finish with my housework! In my opinion, a housewife should look beautiful at all times, this is including beautiful nails! (^_^)v  

Some of my nail art creation...
FYI, almost every girl / women / housewifes in Japan love kawaii nails because looking kawaii is a must! ahahaha. (Note: “Kawaii” means cute or lovely in Japanese) You can find Nail Art Salon in almost all corners of the city in Japan, but the price is very expensive. I personally prefer doing my nails at home to save money!

Im not a pro nail art artist, I just do this nail art for fun, for my own pleasure. I must admit, I re-infatuated with nail art due to return home to Japan yesterday. In Japan I wearing my nail art creation almost everyday, just trying too look kawaii like everybody else! Before I coming back to my home at Indonesia, I buy many nail art supply for stocks!

Kawai Nail Jewelry and off course the most important...a fake nails! haha
Nail art collection
Half of my collection, and it keep growing because I keep buying new nail art decoration or nail polish! (>_<) Aaaah,,I need bigger box for all my nails
Sometimes I still do nail art on my own nails, but most times I do on fake nails because its more easy to do, neater result and I can keep the result forever! So I can wear it again anytime-anywhere in just a minute! hehe (^_^) <3 

I really want to make a nail art tutorial post. Too bad, I always forget to to take pictures when I do my nails. This is because I do my nails in the middle of night, when my boys already sleep so they will not disturb me. But because its already late night, the lighting is not good to take a picture and I was too focused working on my (fake) nails, theeeeen I forget to take a step by step picture! I only remember to take a picture when it finish...xixixixi :-p

Maybe next time I will remember to take a photo and posting a nail art tutorial!

Do you like nail art?
If you say yes, what nail art style do you like?
I would love to know it (^_^) <3

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  1. kamu suka ya nail arts.. koleksinya lucu2 banget sih.. XD
    aku kurang gitu suka nail arts, habis susahhhh apply nya :') harus minta tolong orang.. wkwkwk