My Roller Coaster Of Life

Yesterday is my big day!
19 October 12 years ago I married a man who is very-very lucky to get my (lol) :-p

The 'bed' cake & cupcake made by me (^_^)
Time goes so fast...there was already 12 years I lived with him, a man who is very responsible, kind, humorous, although he is not a romantic guy who likes to give flowers (he even never gave flower to me! haha) but he was very attentive to me, all the big & small attention really made ​​me fall in love with him every day.

I married in a very young age, not by necessity but because of love <3
Married in young age is not easy, he had to quit college because he have to work to provide our family, I didnt go to college because I must take care our babies (I have 2 handsome boys <3 The babies is already grow up know, The boys is Viqie 9th & Virgie 7th). Lots of people were gossiping about us, even our relatives and family was doubtful about our relationship! But we do not want to bother, we remain focused on our relationship, we managed independently and prove to everyone that getting married at a young age can also survive a long time.

My hubby is also a loving father, he spends a lot of time to play with the boys. Although I knew he was tired after work but he still took the time to just joking around with the boys and he never forget to hug them before sleep! This is why I love her so much, a little attention from him is extremely valuable for me and the boys.

Quotes for my Hubby...

“I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is my best day in my life. In 12 years together we've shared so many things. Some tearful times along lifes way, some joys that cant be measured. Our marriage is not easy, many underestimate married at a young age will easily divorced but we managed to prove that our love is stronger than all the existing problems. 12 years of twists, turns, ups, downs, highs, lows. Our marriage is like a roller coaster. But I really enjoying ride this roller coaster of life with you, let's take another ride for the next 12 years and more!”


we are not a perfect couple, sometimes we still like to argue, sometimes i hate him for no reason (lol, this is so silly but true!), sometimes people still gossiping us, sometimes people didn't believe we already married for a long time, sometimes it's really hard and sometimes I cry, but this is all just a bit of a challenge from the roller coaster of life! 

We will continue to maintain this relationship until death separates us <3


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