Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen

 Halloween is coming soon..
I decided to start practicing my Halloween makeup, I'm not expert but I hope my makeup can be your inspiration for your halloween makeup  <3

My first Halloween makeup is The Devil Queen makeup.
Why devils? because I have a devils side! I represented devils queen with a sexy looks because my hubby said, I always looks more prettier, sexier & hotter when my devils side is out! Which is very scary for him because that's mean I want more shopping money or something that would make him go bankrupt, ahahaha *poor husband*

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen

I never do any makeup tutorial or any makeup inspiration before because I think I'm still a beginner and not yet deserve to make a makeup tutorial or makeup inspiration. I'm not good with eye makeup & I really sucks with eyebrow...haha 

(^_^) Please forgive me if my makeup looks messy & the photo lightning is not good too. Photo taken only with my phone camera & I'm using my kids study lamp for extra lightning! ahaha 

First: On clean face, I put Etude House CC Cream Silky, Canmake Loose Powder & Shara Share Color Drop Dot Powder. I prefer light makeup so I never wear any concealer, but I do put extra cc cream to create 'very white & pale' skin.

Now the most difficult part....eyes! hahaha
I'm using Naked2 Eyeshadow Palette to create this 'trying to looks evil' eyes but I think it's totally failed! lol :-p I forget to wear eyeshadow primer (-_-) 
I'm using shade blackout, busted & chopper, the result is sooo messy....Ughh, I really need to learn about blending technique (>_<)

My eyebrow is nightmare...
I know this eyebrow is too thick, uneven, unreal, & My hubby can't stop laugh at it! He said I looks like Crayon Sinchan female version! That's hurt but that's totally true! ahahaha

Then I adding pink beads which is actually my nail art jewelry, I glue it with Stella eyelashes glue. I also add upper & under eye line using Dollywink Pencil Eyeliner

  Next, I wearing my grey softlens & my super lashes on! ahahaha
This super big lashes is very light, super comfort & it's also natural! I got this lashes from Uniqso, I forget the number code but this Stella Natural Eyelashes collection.
Actually I will not dare to wear this lashes for real activity outside my house because it's way tooooo long! But it's looks really great on photoshoot, I love it so much!

What do you think about this lashes?
Too much or just perfect?

And then I put the wig on...lol :-p
This is my another new wig I bought from Japan, it's a long, black & curly wave hair type. It's my second wig, more comfortable & more real than my first wig (the blonde & the very cheap wig one, hahaha). Well maybe because the price is different too, this one is a little bit expensive but really worth the price! 
I already wear this wig to a family party that haven't meet me for 3 month & all my family think this is my real hair, they think I dyeing my hair black! (^_^) How can I grow my hair very fast in just 3 month?? ahahaha

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen

Again, my my hubby love & also hate this wig. He love it because I looks different & more pretty, He hate it because I looks different! He said "You looks more pretty, I like it! You looks different, I like it too but you looks like somebody else, it's like I have a new wife, so weird, I hate it!" ahahaha sometimes my hubby really annoying but he's a honest man. :-p

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils QueenHalloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen

 Do you notice my sexy lips? lol :-p
I try my new lip crayon from IASO Lip Crayon Vivid, the shade is V01 Flame Rose. I really in love with the color <3 It's so bright, sooooo me! ahahaha Will make review post about this lip crayon soon!
For the blush I wearing Canmake Cheek & Cheek #01.

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen
The Devils wear pink bright lipstick! xixixi
All the devils accessories are from Daiso Japan, they are very cute right? Makes me look more devilicious! ahahaha 

And nooow...many selfies picture of Miss Devils

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen
I try to looks like a killer but this weird face is the result, hahahaha..
And this is my editing photo, I edit it to looks more scary :-p
Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen
Arrrggghhhh...don't get close with me, I'm bitting! xixixi

Halloween Makeup Inspiration: The Devils Queen
Hey honey, give me your money & credit card or I will eat your soul...xixixixi *devils laugh* :-p

What do you think about my 'messy' Devils Queen makeup? Scary, hot or totally failed? :-p *I ready for the worst answer* ahahaha 
I will do Creepy Dolls for next Halloween Makeup, what you will be for the next halloween?
I would love to read your plan <3


  1. A sexy and fab devil. Hehe. Love this post! :)

  2. Nice~ The lip colour really suits you! ^^
    I just followed you, I would love it if you followed back :D


  3. That eye make up with those red beads are positively Halloween-y. I do not really devil horns as a Halloween costume though.

  4. great tutorial! the lashes and the rhinestones are the finishing touches

  5. The eyebrow make it looks so scary ^^

  6. You deserve to be called another "Paulo Ballesteros." You can do the make up excellently. Hope for the best.

  7. I think overall the look came out very well. The steps to getting the makeup right have been explained very well.

  8. The eyes bring out the sexiness as part of the costume. So it's just great when you spend time working on the makeup.

  9. Hi Miss Devil... Happy Halloween and may you enjoy your halloween party with the best costume you're wearing!

  10. That would tempt a lot of people come Halloween. That's a great transformation to a she devil.

  11. I prefer your natural look. Your Halloween makeup looked a little like a guy wearing wig! No offense though, because your bare face looks really pretty!

  12. It's a great make-up for the Halloween. Fun and flirty! And it makes you look like a latina, at least in my opinion, lol

  13. what a fun look for holloween! Now this makes me excited to think of my costume too!!

  14. Great job applying this makeup. The look is perfect for Halloween and does not look to be too hard to accomplish.

  15. I love the eye makeup, but I think what you did with your brows are too much?