Blue Mermaid Makeup

(^_^)/ Moshi-moshi, let me introduce myself. 
I am a princess mermaid from Okinawa, Japan who were stranded into Indonesia. hahahaha :-p

Mermaid Skin Makeup

You will be surprised with what I use to make this blue mermaid makeup & how easy is this. I will not talk much, halloween is coming very-very soon, you can do this makeup in just 1 hour! 

Just check my tutorial below (^_~)*
Mermaid Skin Makeup tutorial
What you need:
- Fishnet stocking / wig caps
- Blue eyeshadow palette (I use NYX Love In Rio)
- Foundation & basic makeup
- Small rhinestones / pearl

1. First wear a foundation & a base makeup. Place fishnet stocking / wig caps over your head (look at the photo, yeaah I look so silly, hahaha) 
2. Apply blue eyeshadow with finger or sponge over your face. Add lighter shades or white eyeshadow to create ombre color. 

3. Gently pull off the fishnet stocking / wig caps from your head. have a mermaid skin now!

After that you can do other makeup, use blue eyebrow pencil/eyeshadow for the eyebrow, add blue eyeshadow to the bottom of the eyes and for nose shading, wear false eyelashes. I didnt wear loose powder but I sweep a powder brush to all over my face so my skin looks more blueish.

Last part, add glitter or any small crystal rhinestones / diamonds / pearl in order to increase the effect like The Princess Mermaid (^_^) <3

Mermaid Skin Makeup

I use eyelash glue to stick the rhinestones, I also add glitter to my false eyelashes so they looks more pretty. Requires a little patience to stick rhinestones one by one but believe me you will love the result!

 Oh I almost forget, I use eyeshadow for the lips, creating the same ombre color like the 'mermaid skin'. I use eyeshadow because I don't have blue lipstick *I wish I have one* :-p 

Mermaid Skin Makeup

You can also do the mermaid skin trick for neck and all over your body if you want it. Just remember to hold your fishnet stocking / wig caps when you apply the eyeshadow.

Mermaid Skin Makeup

Makeup finished, now just wearing a mermaid costume and swim to the ocean! ahahaha

Happy swimming! Upsssss....Happy Halloween!


  1. Ohh my you are such a talented girl! ^ ^
    This look is beautiful on you! ^ - ^

  2. wahh keren ^^ love it!
    btw jd penasaran, kak ehara ini prnh tinggal lama di jepang ya?

    1. Papa aku Japanese say, hehe tinggal disana sblm married, skrg pulang-pergi aza, menetap di Indo :-)

  3. wow i love this! If only im this good at putting makeup huhu

    1. Thank youuu hun, I'm not good on makeup too (>_<) still need more practice

  4. that's such a fab look, love how you have added some bling too :D

  5. Hi, your blog are great! Maybe want to follow each other? If yes, just follow me and i follow you back :)

  6. This look is so cool!! Very talented!