[OOTD & NOTD] Feeling Black

I`m not in a good mood this week, I feeling black...so dark...
I feel I wanna be a witch, I wish I can spell a magic and everything will happen as my wish! hahaha *silly me* Maybe this all happen because I miss my home at Indonesia, feel incomplete because I far-far away from my boys......Hufffttt 

FOTD fashion of the day

Tutu skirt from an online shop but I forgot the name store, lol
Jacket from Ingni (Japan Brand)
Studded Bag from Sammydress
Pink watch from G-shock
Shoes from Reebok Classic

Me and my Father...You can see he`s a stylish old man from the shoes he`s wearing...He already 66 but always looks like some age 30 man ..hahaha *I love your style Pa*

NOTD black nail polish nailart
Because I feeling black, I black nails too..lol
This `Lady Rock Star` nail art is re-creation from my `Sparkly Gothic Chic`. Oooh I love named my nail art, ahahaha. I`m not a profesional nail artist, still learning, so my nail art is still messy..  

NOTD black nail polish nailart

Maybe someday I will do this nail art tutorial..
It`s really simple, only black nail polish, gold glitter nail polish, gel top coat, and some nail art decorations.  
But, I always forget to take a picture when I do my nails, my hand was so busy! I only take a picture after I finish...lol :-p

So that`s it for today post, sorry no FOTD because I didn`t take my face picture because I dont wear any makeup today! lol 
My face looks soo gloomy....ughhh


  1. Kak. Asik banget bisa tinggal di Jepang. Aku daridulu pengen banget ke Jepang sampai sekarang belom kesampean. Hehehe. Hope someday dehh.. Seneng banget lihat kak Putri update di fb , blog, insta ttg Jepang. Jadi aku kurang lebih tau deh Jepang kayak apa. Thanks ya kak ^^

    1. Wah maaf say baru kebaca komennya, aku lagi pulang ke indo, rempong ngurusin anak-anak jadi sedikit melupakan blog,,ahaha
      Always believe aza, someday pasti impian kamu terwujud <3 Senangnya bila update-an aku disukai, takutnya malah ngeganggu karena sering bgt postingnya,,ahahaha :-p

  2. rapih banget sih kukunya.... *_* bagussss

    1. Aiiih makasih say,,segini masih berantakan,,xixixi masih belajar :-)

  3. Got to love those nails :) I know one of those 'All black' days; usually a more gothic feel comes to it during those times :)

  4. Ih kukunya bagussss banget...! Gothic and glam at the same time! :D