Yogurt And Cereal In Jar

I am in love with greek yogurt for my breakfast, dinner & snacks! 
I usually make yogurt and cereal in jar. its so easy to make & taste yummy (plus healthy too!) 

Yogurt And Cereal In Jar
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  Well, this time I want to give the Yogurt and Cereal in jar recipe. Very simple to make, practical for breakfast or even dinner and for those of you who are crazy with yogurt (like me), or trying a healthy lifestyle or ehm...diet! hehehe. 

~Yogurt and Granola Cereal In Jar~ 

The ingredients
- Greek yogurt 
- Granola cereal
- Fresh fruit of your choice as a topping

How to make it
1. Create a layer below and fill with yogurt and then the granola cereal, lid back with yogurt
2. Add fresh favourite fruit slice on top. 
3. Ready to eat! (or you can keep in refrigator for an hour and serve it cold)

  It's easy right ?? 
Try replace your usually cereal and milk breakfast with this yogurt and cereal for a healthier lifestyle!

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  1. Super easy and really healthy ! I like youghourt as a snack too