[REVIEW] My First Wig

Previously my hair was always long but finally I decided to cut it short because of damage hairs. Now I really miss my long hair, I want to take selfie picture with long hair ( lol :-p ). But lengthen the hair takes a long time, so I buy a long wig! Now I can take a selfie with long hair, hahaha.

My instagram pict.....first time ever wear a wig, the bangs looks ridiculous!

But because this is my first time ever wearing a wig, I decide to buy a cheap wig first. If I'm already accustomed to wear the wig then I (probably) would buy a good wig and the expensive one. The cheap wig only looks real in picture but looks fake in real life. I will not go outside with the cheap wig that looks fake, nope, never, hahaha. 

I bought this wig in a small shop at kokusai street, the box say it`s a Party Wig (upss..sorry I already throw the box without take picture of it). The price is quite cheap, so cheap in fact! Ehm, only 500 yen or $5 0r Rp. 55.000 (^_^) Very cheap right? But the quality is quite good..

Sorryyyy...I dont have a wig stand.

I buy this wig because I love the hair color, I always want to have hair color like that! But after the palty hair dye tragedy i think i will not dye my hair for a very long time! (I will write post about that Palty hair dye tragedy...coming soon post...hahaha) 

On the box label say: long and straight hair type wig, but the fact is the wig have a slightly wavy, perhaps because eventually the wig buckled in the small box. The bangs is too thick and have stiff texture that looks really weird when i wear it. You can see at my instagram picture. Well that is the first time ever I wear a wig, still dont know how to wear wig properly...ehm...until now! hahaha

Soooo...I cut the bangs, make it more thin, i rooled the bangs for 2 days, didnt use a straighter because i`m affraid that will burn the wig! lol :-p

Voilaa...this is the result! The bangs looks more realistic right? right?

FOTD and WOTD (Wig Of The Day) 

Oooh I love this wig, its not feel hot and itchy like i think (i think wear wig will be so ithcy and feels hot), in fact this wig is very comfortable to wear. But i still will not wear this outside my apartment! :-p

 Maybe i will buy another with different colour, like blondie and pink! Just for fun <3

If you aware, my face looks a little different...lol
I think that because im in `lose weight` process, I sport hard almost everyday....Yoga, cycling, jogging. Still far way from the result i want but now i`m feeling more fit, fresh and uhhmmm not too chubby? hahaha

I also just come back from mall and try all new makeup sample at cosmetics area, trying new bb cream, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, etc. This is my favourite place! We can try all the cosmetics, they provide a very good condition product (real size not a sample size) to try, a big mirror, many box of tissue, and makeup remover. Another great things is there will be no SPG who will starring at you or force you to buy the product! You like it, you can buy it...if you dont like it, well just try another cosmetics you like...its free! 

I always try cosmetics i want to buy first before decide to buy it another days. I dont want to regret later, always test the cosmetics at least for a few hour in my face. BTW, many young girls do their makeup before date in this place! Not only the young girl, actually all women in this town love to try free makeup! hahaha 

I will make another post about that place later...
And post about my newest haul, and product review, and great travel spot in Okinawa, and delicious food...Arrghhhh I have soooo many post idea and words flying in my head, but i dont have many times in front of laptop to write it down (T_T)


  1. Wig nya lucu chay^^ aku nggak bisa ngbayangin ikutan pake tuh wig.. gimana hasilnya di muka aku ya.. hihihi.. nice review..

    1. iya ini juga iseng pengen punya wig,,abis kangen ke rambut panjang eh malah jd pengen pake terus,,ahahaha

  2. ini beneran harganya 55ribu? XD
    padahal biasanya dijual diatas 200 ribu kalau wig..
    bagus lagi nih warnanya .. murah amat ya..

  3. in fairness it doesn't look like a wig at all! it's cheap but it looks very natural on you! great find! <3 GigLove

  4. Glad to see you own a wig that suit you. I tried to find for myself. But I still not manage to find one that suits me perfectly.

  5. The bangs looks so much more natural after you cut and rolled it! Good job!
    Gig love


  6. Wah, keliatan shiny banget ya wignya. Bagus kok.. Biasanya rambut panjang bikin efek muka terlihat lebih tirus ya..:)

    ~giglove www.revenian.com

  7. Cute wig! I want to own a wig too but i would prefer splurging on wigs made of more natural looking hair!

  8. Ohh!! I couldn't guess it was a wig! Looks quite natural though! The colour suits you too!!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  9. Great pick. It doesn't look like a wig at all :)

  10. Nice one you had there! It really suits you =))

  11. Thats a really nice, natural looking wig. And not expensive as well.


  12. i dont reli like the wig...especially on the bang part...i

  13. Wow, looking good!
    I've never had a wig but would love something blonde :-)

  14. the wig looks natural on you! suits you

  15. The wig looks realistic.I for one cannot make out that it is not real. You are looking great dear :)

  16. The wig looks realistic.I for one cannot make out that it is not real. You are looking great dear :)

  17. This is a really nice wig. It looks good on you. :)

  18. You look great with long hair! I especially love the color!

  19. Yes, it looked a lot more natural once you wore it in a bit. Long hair is nice to have, but a lot of work. Maybe I should cut mine off and buy a wig?

  20. Looks great! I haven't had my first wig as well, maybe I should try now? But I'm more into, extensions. XD

  21. Hi dear,

    looks natural, you look great :)
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    and let me know what you think!
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    Looking forward seeing you on my blog again!

  22. Murah banget harganyaaa..
    Jadi mau beli wig lagi :p