Dinner at Wafu-Tei Japanese Restaurant

(^_^) Hellooo....!
From now I am going to write about my daily life, activities & great place to visit in Japan (that I already visited). I hope you like my story because life in Japan is so wonderful <3

First I will review about this Japanese restaurant, I just had a dinner here!

Wafu Tei Japanese Restaurant

Wafu-Tei is a Japanese restaurant chain you can found all over Okinawa, Japan. But this time I visit Wafu-Tei restaurant located inside San-A stores. 

This restaurant is full when lunch or dinner time, we must write our name on waiting list & how many people will eat, then wait outside the restaurant. Waiting patiently. I must wait for about 15 mnt before I got table. 

WafuTei Japanese Restaurant
People waiting patiently and hungry already..haha
Wafu-Tei offer a huge variety of delicious Japanese food at reasonable prices. This is why they always full! Great food, great price! You can order a set which comes with a main dish complete with side dish & miso soup. Free water & hot ocha tea (you can drink as much as u want) is a great offer!

Wafu Tei Japanese Restaurant
You will get mouth watering only because of seeing this food display..
The places is very cozy, the theme is modern Japanese dining table. The waiters / waitresses are very friendly but they only speak a little english, food comes fast (is great when you already hungry). Another great thing is the waiters will keep asking if you want more hot ocha tea *Yes, pleaseeee* (^_^) Don`t we all love ocha!

Shimazke sake Wafu Tei Japanese Restaurant
My father order Awamori / Shimazake or Okinawa local sake..only 500 yen!
Tempura set Wafu-Tei Japanese Restaurant
Tempura set..only 1400 yen, it`s very complete with rice, miso soup & few slices sashimi
Chickin nanbang Wafu Tei Japanese Restaurant
Chicken Nanbang..1000 yen set comes with rice & miso soup too
Wafu Tei Japanese Restaurant
I forget the name but it`s a fish dish! haha..only 1100 yen
The cheapest set meals is Tenzaru soba set..only 900 yen

Price between ¥900 - ¥1900 for a set meals.
The restaurant open from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm.

Sooooooooo, if you go to Okinawa someday, don`t forget to visit Wafu-Tei Restaurant. You will not regret it! 


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