Hello From Japan...!

(^_^)/ Moshi-moshi...!
Im so sorry.. if I have not updated the latest article, less active and late reply to comments / questions from you. I still can't online in my laptop since my laptop is broken, update blog from smartphone is not my choice. 

For your Info, I am no longer stay in Indonesia, I recently moved to a place very far from where I lived previously. I now live in Okinawa, Japan. Actually, Japan is my homeland because my father is Japanese.
  I've moved on Monday 14 th July, so today I am still in the process of adaptation to the new environmentOkinawa has an atmosphere and culture that is slightly different from the other Japan. The weather here is also more heat because it is situated on the islands, 
Longer daylight makes me a little shock

I will be post a lot of chatter about my new life in Japan, from Japanese food, the atmosphere, tourist spots in Okinawa, many tips about how to survive in Japan, and off course Japan cosmetics review...!

Oh I will go crazy......I want to buy them all...hahaha

This is the first thing I buy, sunblock!!!

Lots of cheap cosmetis from 100-600 yen,,
Many branded items is on sale here..up to 50% !!!

To be honest I came here without bring any clothes or cosmetics, so just a few days buy many things like a crazy women, hahaha.
I've shopped a lot of things, from skincare, cosmetics, clothes, shoes, to branded bags. They all lined up for review..very soon! haha

(^_^) I will be back blogging very soon...!


  1. Nice post (^^) ,,, I miss Japan n wanna comeback there T.T huhuhu
    Your father is Japanese, so can you speak Japanese ?


    1. You must come back here, now is a summer & discount season! haha

      oh course I can, actually I speak japanese better than english, my english is bad, ahahahaha