[HAUL] UNIQSO Shopping Experience And Gift Haul

Aaaaah...Its been a while since my last post. 

m(_ _)m ゴメンナサイ ...I'm so sorryyy!

These days I'm very busy with all the work as a housewife, working as entrepreneur, while I return to study again to continue my education. *Pfuuuiiihhhh* (-_-)

But...today I want to share about my experience shooping at UNIQSO <3
Earlier on March, I win a photo contest at UNIQSO Facebook Page and the prize is I can choose 2 contact lens plus many more item I want from their website. Sooo...I shopping for free!

FYI, UNIQSO always holding a photo contest every month and its open for international fans, you all must check their Facebook Page and join the contest!

UNIQSO shopping haul
This is my haul from UNIQSO....Sooooo happy <3
UNIQSO is very kinds. I can choose 2 softlens, 2 eyelashes, 1 bb cream plus 1 other items I want. I feel a little confused when choosing the products, because there are so many products to choose! I want it all! Hahaha

Finally, I choose the newest softlens from i.fairy and Dolly Eye, Skin79 BB Cream, 1 eyelash glue and 2 eyelashes from Stella (1 is natural eyelashes, the price is quite expensive! To be honest, this is the most expensive false eyelashes I have..hahaha). They even give me bonus 2 lens case. Isn't they very kind?? <3 <3 <3

UNIQSO website sell a lot of choices of contact lens, from daily contact lens to unique contact lens for cosplay players. They also sell many beauty products with a reasonable price and the great thing is they shipping worldwide!

UNIQSO shopping haul
This is the bill....its a big amount (>_<) but thanks God is all free! xixi

I will review them one by one when I'm not busy, hehehe. *oh I make another promise*
I cant wait to wear the softlens but I still not open it yet. Ugh, I have got too many softlens to wear...lol :-p

UNIQSO shopping haul

So what do you think about my gift haul from UNIQSO?
Have you ever join UNIQSO contest?
I will love to read you thought (^_^)


  1. wow you bought so many stuffs xD
    the lashes look nice :D


    1. and the great thing i pay 0 for all this stuffs <3 xixixi

  2. omg you got lots of great items <3 I waiting for the lens review :-D