[NOTD/REVIEW] Today Nails: Revlon Colorstay Velvet Rope

(^_^) Hellooooo.....
I forget that Im not post any makeup / cosmetics review here for a long time, haha. But, actually I do make a review post about EXTRADERM, PASJEL Body Cream, KOJIE.SAN Soap on my main blog IbuMudaBijak.blogspot.com but is in Bahasa Indonesia. I will make a review post on english version soon or later in this blog, xixixixi :-p
Now..back again with my NOTD or Nails Of The Day <3

Today I wear nail polish from Revlon Colorstay #Velvet Rope. 
This nail polish looks to be a bright red in the photos, but it is actually a deeper, hmmm..more like a red wine color.
Revlon colorstay Velvet Rope

I love REVLON nail polish because is not expensive *read: cheap!* but the quality is great! I love how fast this nail polish dry & the glossy result. The polish stay in a long time without cracked, even I wear this polish while wash the dishes, the color still stay great! *this is what I looking for* hahaha

What I dont like, the Velvet Rope color is a lil bit too dark for me. I know dark color makes my skin looks lighter, but I dont really like it. Because wearing dark red polish makes me looks like old lady, hahaha. Sooooo I only wear 1 coat, and the color result is like in the picture below! 

Revlon Colorstay Velvet RopeRevlon Colorstay Velvet Rope

1 light coat result: The color not too red, just a perfect bright red, I like it <3
But if you love dark red color just apply 2-3 coat, and you will get red wine color!

Do have Revlon nail polish? What is your favourite color?
Maybe I will try that color too (^_^)
Just leave a comment below, I will be happy to read it <3 <3 <3


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    1. Wow,that's a very lovely nail and it looks very effective. I love the color too. You're so lucky to own one <3

      love lots,


  2. Red Vampire nya kereeen abis.. pingin banget pakai nail beginian.. tapi entah mengapa selalu hasil aplikasinya jelek di kuku aku.. hahahahaha

    1. ahahaha aku jupa kalo pakai kutex belepotan :-p tinggal dibersihin aza pinggirannya, hehehe
      aku kalau gak pake kutex gak pede (>_<) wkwkwkwk