[HAUL] New Pink Accessories

Aaah..its already March
But I still feel today is February because all of this new pink accessories! haha :-p

Its like a small gift haul, I got all this cute pink accessories from my Mother-in-law. Yup, im not typo, my Mother in law send me all this cute stuff <3

Pink accessories
This is sooo me <3 Pinky-pinky <3 Love it so much!

My Mother-in-law is a very nice women, she's already like my own mother! Her age is not longer young, but her heart & soul is like a young stylish women *if you know what I mean*. But it is an advantage for me to have a mother-in-law who really understand fashion. We always talk about fashion & beauty like a friends!

She winning a giveaway, the prize is a pink jelly watch & shocking pink belt but she decided to hand over all the gift to me! because she know I love pink so much. She also buy me a very cute spike pink ring & pink flower Brooch <3 

She's very nice right? Im so lucky to have Mother-in-law like her, not like mother-in-law as an evil that exist in soap operas. Ahahaha :-p

Love you so much! Thank you Mah <3


  1. aweee so cute!!! I love the sweetness of the color <3

    love lots,


  2. Ohhh I love pink too! <3 She's so nice! She's almost same as my boyfriends mom, she's like a mother to me already too :)

  3. cute and chic im a huge fan of the color pink cause Pink is the color of all things that are fun about being a girl.nice collection!

  4. i also want to have a mother-in-law like that. Haha.