Tips Merawat Kulit Saat Musim Hujan

tips merawat kulit

 (^_^)/ Haiii...Apa kabar semuanya?
 Cuaca saat ini sedang dingin-dinginnya karena hujan terus plus angin kencang. Kita harus pintar-pintar merawat kulit kita agar tidak kering selama musim hujan karena kesehatan kulit kita sangat bergantung pada cara kita merawatnya. Bila kulit tidak dirawat dengan benar maka kulit kita akan menjadi kering, kusam, tidak glowy dan tentunya tidak terlihat cantik lagi dong.
 Udara yang dingin akan mengurangi kelembaban kulit dan membuat kulit menjadi lebih kering. Tanda-tanda berkurangnya kelembaban kulit ditandai dengan kulit mulai terlihat kusam, kasar, dan terkadang hingga terjadi pengelupasan kulit looh.
 Bahkan bagi sebagian orang kulitnya bisa jadi bersisik, tandanya ketika kulit digores akan meninggalkan garisan putih membekas. Nah, kalau anda mengalami hal itu, berarti  sudah ada tanda-tanda kulit kering. Untuk menjaga kelembaban kulit saat musim hujan, kita semua perlu melakukan perawatan kulit agar kulit tidak menjadi kering. 
 Saya mau kasih tahu beberapa tips untuk menjaga kelembaban kulit disaat musim hujan:

[REVIEW] Lancome L'Absolu Nu #307 Rose Ruban

(^_^)/ Yuhuuuu...
Im back again with review about mini lipstick from L'ANCOME.

Lancome L'Absolu Nu #307 Rose Ruban
I love the flower pattern on the cap <3
I got this pretty mini lipstick from my second Lancome Gift Haul <3
This is mini version from Lancome L'Absolu Nu Replenishing & Enhancing Lipcolor collection *Pfuiiih,,its hard to spell that* :-p xixixi  
Lancome L'Absolu Nu
The Product Details (from the website):
-L’ABSOLU NU – Replenishing & Enhancing Lipcolor – Bare-Lip Sensation
-Lips are replenished, feel softer, and moisturized: Pro-Xylane™ restores moisture to the lips for up to 8 hours
-The 1st Ultra caring lipstick with Pro-Xylane™ in a new infinitely light texture. 
-Enriched with enhancing pigments to reveal the radiance of beautifully replenished lips.
-Enhance your natural lip tone in a veil of shiny, translucent colour.

Hmmm...looks like this is a very great lipstick! Is it???

My first impression..
Awww, this lisptick is so mini *that's trully my fist tought* :-p
The size is about the size of my pinky finger!
But then I see the the packaging...Oh the packaging is very pretty<3
It’s a black case with light grey flowery motif on it, i think the flowery motif is rose, just like Lancome logo *cmiiw* Im soooooooo fall in love with the packaging!

Talk about texture, shade & swatch..
Mine is Lancome L'Absolu Nu #307 Rose Ruban, its a warm pink with a little peachy shade? *ooh Im so weak when explain color shade* hahaha
The lipstick textures is lightweight, likes a lip balm. Glides smoothly on my lip and suprisingly is very hydrating! I usually apply lip balm before wearing any lipstick but not this time. 

You can see swatch on my hand & on my lip below.
First swipe looks very sheer, but after multiple swipes you will get the colour like in the tube or website shade picture (the shade pic on the official website absolutely looks more pigmented). But dont worry! the colour is builtable.

Lancome Lipstick Swatch

When I apply to my lips, it appears a little bit glossy and balmy. But the great things it has NO shimmer or sparkle. (^_^) <3

Lancome Lipstick

Talk about lasting power..
The product lasted about 4 hours on me, without drink or eat. Well, thats not long lasting but my lips keep feel hydrated few hours after the colour gone. Maybe is because the Pro-Xylane™ claim, who say can moisture the lips for up to 8 hours. But I wish the colour can stand up to 8 hours too. *that will be very great*

The lipstick size is soo mini, even my finger is bigger that the lipstick! (>_<) 
Talk about price..
Thanks god, I got this for free! *I love free item* hahaha :-p
Because the price is quite expensive for me, the actual size lipstick price is around 350.000 IDR / $30 (price may be different in other places).

What I like & what I dont..
+The packaging is so lux, very 'Lancome'.
+This mini size is perfect to go, you can keep this lipstick on your pocket!
+The pink shade is very pretty & builtable.
+Very hydrating, light & comfy to wear, almost like wear lip balm.
-The price is too pricey *for me*

I love-love-love this (mini) lipstick so much <3 
Im on the 'girly mood' right now, so I will wear this lipstick everyday. 
I think I will start to saving my money to buy the real size! Or try another shade, I see on the website all the shade of Lancome L'Absolu Nu is very pretty. I want them all but my wallet is empty right now! hahaha 

Okeyyy, now is time for more picture of me :-p

Left is room light, with flash..
Right is window light, without flash..
Lancome L'Absolu Nu Lipstick Lancome L'Absolu Nu Lipstick  
More FOTD..
I wear my new Hijab Earring, very cute right???
 I really love it, the flower, the fur, is sooo girly, sooo me! *hey, I say to much 'soo' word today* hahaha
FOTD pink hijab hijabers

Do you like Lancome lipstick?  what is your favourite shade?
I would love to read your opinion, please leave a comment below, dont forget to put your link so I can visit your blog too! 
(^_~)* Thanks for reading <3

Resep: Risoles Tanggal Tua ( Risoles Ekonomis )

Resep risoles
Inilah dia penampakan Risoles di tanggal tua ala Bunda, hahaha..

 Tanggal tua, dompet mulai menipis tapi nafsu ngemil semakin meningkat, hahaha. Tanggal boleh tua, tapi yang namanya bikin cemilan jalan teruuuss. Agar tetap bisa ngemil enak tapi gak bikin dompet bolong, saya mengakalinya dengan bikin cemilan sederhana seperti risoles ini. Modal bikinnya murah, rasa tetap enak dan kalau bikin banyak bisa dijual juga looh buat tambahan uang belanja, hehehe.

 Nah, pagi ini saya bikin cemilan risoles tapi risolesnya Risoles Ekonomis, kenapa disebut Ekonomis? Karena isinya benar-benar ekonomis alias apa adanya, xixixi. Kalau suami saya bilang ini Risoles Tanggal Tua

Resep: Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning
Nasi kuning ala Bunda untuk sarapan si Ayah pagi ini...

 Resep ini adalah resep untuk membuat nasi kuning standar alias nasi kuning biasa *emang ada yg specialnya yach?* xixixi. Ini resep memasak nasi kuning menggunakan dandang/pengukus nasi biasa yach, berbeda dengan cara memasak Nasi Kuning Rice Cooker yang lebih praktis.

 Resep Nasi Kuning ini bisa dikreasikan sesuai dengan selera anda yach, bisa untuk menu sarapan, atau dibuat Tumpeng Nasi Kuning juga bisa. Tambahan lauk pelengkapnya seperti ayam goreng, kering tempe, telur dan perkedel kentang disesuaikan dengan selera (& isi kantong) anda. xixixixi

[HAUL] Gift From ROMWE

Yesterday maybe is one of my best day (^_~) <3
Postman come to my home carrying a 2 package, and both package is from Romwe!

Decided to open the package quickly, because im sooo curious!
All this stuff from Romwe is free, I didnt spent any money for all this.
Im so lucky to win 'new year wish giveaway' on their facebook page Romwe Lookbook Fashion Collection  \(^_^)/ *yippyyyy* I won $50 voucher to spent on Romwe website. 


The great news is, there's a big sale at that time, very big sale, up to 70% !! 
Sooo, I spent all my voucher on sale product *Im the frugal mother* hahaha :-p
But its really hard to choose, because there's a hundred sale product and they all very cute & prettyyyy (>_<) *aaa...I want them all*

finally after a very long selecting process, I chose to buy 2 legging, 1 coat & 1 cardigan. Maybe they not the latest release product, but I really like them all and the price is in big sale! *actually thats the main reason* haha!

"Blooming Flower" Floral Print Turquoise Leggings (AL0468) = $8.00
Colorful Asymmetric Striped Skinny Leggings (AL0632) = $9.60 

 1 x Laple Striped Red Cardigan (NCSWC0190) = $12.59

Lapel Self-tied Elastic Brown Trench Coat (NCSOC0067) = $17.99

My experience shopping at Romwe website is very great!
Right after I check out, I got email order confirmation, 2 days later I got email again, my package is already sent. The processing time only took 2 days, I admit thats quite fast!

Romwe base is in China, and I know shipping from China to my country will take a very looong journey! Usually takes 1,5-2 month package from china arrived to my house, but package from Romwe only need 1 month. This is plus point for Romwe, they sent faster than the others online store! (^_^)

All the product I order comes in a very good condition!
I'm very satisfied with the quality of materials, stitching and the color same as the one I see in the website. I really appreciate they not selling 'lie' (beacuse sometimes when you order from online store, the product you got is very different from the website catalogs).

Sure I will shopping again at Romwe <3 *hopefully I got free voucher again* hahaha

Btw, today I wearing the floral legging from Romwe. This legging is soooooo comfy!
 The material is thick, stretchy, I didnt feel hot when worn this, this legging is very-very comfortable <3 *i love-love-love it*

Do you have shopping experience in Romwe
Do you feel satisfied? I'd love to hear your thoughts?
Feel free to leave your opinion & thoughts at the comment box <3

[REVIEW] Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder

(^_^)/ Yuhuuu...
Today I wanna review about Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Multi Mineral Micro Coated Loose Powder *fuiiiih..that's a long name!*

Amaranthine is a lokal brand from Indonesia. This brand was first introduced in 2002 and get a MURI record for most cosmetic product release, which is 400 items! Thats amazing record, but are the products as amazing as the record? 

Love at the first sight..
Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder

I buy Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder via online store, because I fall in love at the first sign with the packaging! And the price is quite cheap too, only 68.000 IDR / $5 (^_^)V *cheap right?* 

It took 4 days of the package I ordered to come to the house. I was fascinated by the seemingly lux packaging. The box packaging is on gold colour.

Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder
Looks like import products..
Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder
Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder
But this is 100% made in Indonesia.
Amaranthine is lokal product from Depok, Indonesia.
 Introducing the brand..
 Amaranthine have own website but I dont know why, it seen the website could not be visited for now. But If you can read claim about Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night on the back of the box packaging:
"Loose powder for all skin types. Maintaining healthy skin because it contains no harmful chemicals, and protect from ultraviolet rays and free radicals. Disguising black spots, blood vessels appear, and acne scars perfectly. Hydrates skin while absorbing excess oil production and not clog the pores of the skin ".

Look more closer..
Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder
The packaging is very cute, I feel like arabic princess, xixixixi
The packaging is cute but is not great for traveling, too big and not practical!
 To be honest, packaging like this only looks pretty on your dressing table.

Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder
I can smell the strong fragrance from the powder when I take this picture.
This makes me instanly dizzy
(>_<) *uuuuugggghhhhhh* 
Too bad they do not explain that this powder has a very strong scent! Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night scent is like the scent of my grandmother perfume. Maybe this is why they named it 'Arabic Glam Nigt', the scent is like perfume that my grandmother buy when she visited Mekkah. (>_<) I can not explain in detail about the scent because frankly, smell the scent made ​​my head dizzy!

Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder
The powder looks like ordinary loose powder I will love it, but.......
 I wanna write about the ingradients but I cant open the website. I will update about the ingradients when I can open the website.
The packaging say, "mineral micro coated natural soft gold with shimmer"
Shimmer or glitter? because there are a lot of shimmer in the powder! Almost like a body glitter powder.

Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder's contain a lots of gold glitter inside! and strong fragrance makes me start dislike this powder!
Talk about swatches..
 I was struck by the scent of this powder so I decided to just swatches it in my hands.
Mine is natural shade, opposite of what they claim the coverage is very sheer. This loose powder maybe will coverage small black spots, but it will not coverage red pimples/acne scars for sure. But dont worry, the extra shimmer/glitter will 'coverage' all. hahaha

Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder
Swatches on my hand, under the sunlight...
Wow, my hand sparkling like vampire skin on the twilight saga movies! haha
 What I like and what I dont like..
The only thing I like is the packaging! The packaging is very cute, glamour & leave a little feeling like I'm a arabic princess if If I put this powder on my dressing table! haha *I know its silly* :-p

And the thing I dont like is toooooo much shimmer or glitter on this powder! Im not sure is there's any people wanna go out with extra glitter on face for daily makeup (well, if you trying to makeup like vampire in twilight, you will love this powder! haha). Maybe this loose powder only perfect for party makeup or you can use it for body glitter powder. But hey! The good thing is you dont need to wear any fragrance is you wear this powder.

The most thing I hate is the scent! I love fragrance powder (example, skinfood buckwheat powder) but Amaranthine Arabic Glam Night have a fragrance level like a perfume! I cant wear this powder in my face because I cant stand the smell of the scent, which is keep remind me to my grandmother perfume. I dont know if you will like the scent, but for me the scent is just tooooo strong! (>_<) * I need fresh air!*

I still curious with Amaranthine other products, because all the products is cheap but have a luxury packaging. If you like shimmering powder & wanna try something new (and cheap) you can buy this. But me, I will not repurchase this Arabic Glam Night Loose Powder again! *no-no-no-nooo*

I give you zoom picture of the loose powder, can you see the glitter?!?
Yay or nay??

Have you ever try Amaranthine loose powder?
Do you like it? Or Do you like any scent powder?
I would love to read your opinion, please leave a comment below! Dont forget to write your blog link too, so I can visit your 'house' (^_~) *xoxo*

Tips Mengajarkan Anak Tidur Sendiri

 Anak-anak masih tidur sama Mama-Papanya padahal sudah besar?
Membiasakan anak tidur sendiri di kamarnya memang perlu waktu, apalagi bila anak sudah terbiasa tidur sama orangtuanya sejak kecil. Padahal tidur di kamar sendiri bisa membangun kemandirian & rasa percaya anak looh. 

 Paling bagus mengajarkan anak tidur sendiri sejak dini, bahkan sejak usianya masih dibawah 1 tahun! Kita bisa mulai mengajarkan anak tidur sendiri di boksnya (tempat tidur khusus bayi). Seperti saya dulu, saya mulai mengajarkan anak saya tidur sendiri sejak masih bayi baru lahir. Saya menaruh boks bayi di ujung kamar kami, saya & suami sepakat anak harus tidur di ranjangnya sendiri tidak bergabung di kasur orangtua. Jadi walaupun bayi baru lahir itu sering sekali terbangun di tengah malam, saya tetap menidurkan Kaka Viqie (yang saat itu baru lahir) diranjang. Bila dia menangis saya akan menyusuinya di kursi goyang (salah satu benda favorit saya), setelah dia tertidur saya akan menyimpannya kembali ke ranjangnya lalu saya kembali tidur ke ranjang saya. Ribet? memang sedikit ribet tapi ini semua demi melatih kemandiriannya sejak bayi.

 Setelah Kaka Viqie berusia 2 tahun, barulah saya membuatkan kamar khusus untuknya. Tak sulit untuk Kaka Viqie tidur di kamarnya sendiri karena dia sudah terbiasa tidur di ranjangnya sendiri. Selain itu, anak usia 2 tahun sudah memiliki ego & mulai mengerti rasa ingin memiliki. Ini adalah saat yang tepat untuk mengajarkan anak tentang ruang pribadi yang bisa dia miliki bila anak tidur di kamarnya sendiri. 

Mengajarkan Anak Tidur Sendiri
Sejak usia 2 thn Kaka Viqie nyaman tidur di kamarnya sendiri, saya biarkan ia memilih sendiri sprei & selimut berdasarkan tokoh kartun favoritnya saat itu. Tak pernah sedikit pun dia merasa takut saat tidur sendiri, bahkan dia berkata "Ninja ga boleh takut bobo sendiri" hahaha
 (difoto ini usianya sudah 4 tahun)

Zona Main Rinso

 Hari minggu biasanya anak-anak bangun lebih siang karena malamnya dibolehin begadang alias tidur sampai malam. Tapi hari minggu sekarang beda, Kaka & Ade sudah duduk manis di depan televisi sejak pagi. Mereka udah pada gak sabar mau nonton tayangan perdana Zona Main Rinso!

zona main rinso trans tv
Zona Main Rinso sudah mulai tayang setiap hari minggu, jam 8 pagi hanya di Trans TV

 Zona Main Rinso itu acara reality show adu ketangkasan Ibu & Anak yang ditayang di Trans TV. Peserta Zona Main Rinso itu di ambil dari Ibu-Ibu fans dari Rinso Indonesia yang sudah mengikuti serangkaian proses audisi sebelumnya. Saya juga sudah ikut mendaftarkan diri & si kaka tapi belum dapat panggilan audisinya, hehehe. Padahal si Kaka semangat banget pengen ikutan, soalnya dia agak iri tuch sama Bunda yang sudah pernah masuk tivi! *kasiaaaan anak Bunda mau masuk tipi juga* xixixixi