Its Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....!!!!
Friday always makes me excited, althought as a housewife & mother of 2 I almost cant enjoy weekend...(>_<) hahaha *poor me* but I still feel excited <3

My FOTD with TGIF....hehehehe
I dont want to wear many makeup today, I wanna looks as natural as I can be *natural but wear makeup?*. I wear Lirikos marine oxygenic essence, Etude House CC cream Silky, It's Skin Babyface Compact Powder, MUFE HD Cream Blush On, plus The Body Shop Born Lippy Lipbalm.  
Back again to TGIF..

TGIF can be Thanks God Is Friday or Thanks God Is Firmoo <3

Hahaha because today I wearing prescription glasses from Firmoo.
If you curious with my glasses, I got this glasses by winning Firmoo giveaway *I feel so blessed to got many items for free* hahaha. Actually I already receive this glasses since a long time ago, but I always forget to make review about this glasses. :-p 

I never order glasses from online store before, because I affraid the frame will not fit or I got wrong prescription. I always try the glasses I want to buy before I decide to buy it. Soooo I little bit worry ( a lots worry actually) my glasses from Firmoo will not suit to me, because I cant try it before.

Firmoo Glasses

The package requires a very long time before it comes to me, almost 2 months! Probably because shipped by sea and across many countries. Plus custom in my country hold my package & ask me to pay tax. I got charge 136.000 IDR / $13 before I cant take home my glasses. This is the biggest tax I must pay, I got the glasses for free but the big tax makes me feel this glasses is not free, because I must pay for this glasses.. (T_T)  

Firmoo Glasses

The pair of glasses I choose are black large framed glasses.  They are very different from any pair of glasses I have owned in the past, I usually wear thin frame glasses. My hubby say, this glasses looks like geek glasses, hahaha.

But there is an application on Firmoo website customers can submit pictures and figured which glasses look good on our face shape base on the picture we upload. After try many glasses on the application I decide to pick this one. Ummm I forget the glasses type, but I remember the price is $49 (already include frame & the lens with prescription).

 I choose this big black glasses because I want to try something different. 
Thanks god when I try it, the lens is fit with my real prescription & this glasses make me looks stylish & somewhat cute (^_^) hahaha

Overall Im really satisfied with my first Firmoo glasses.
 The prescription really suit on me, the frame material is from plastic but looked strong not like a flimsy plastic. It comes with glasses holder, handkerchief, a small screwdriver and spare screws, this is really usefull!
My hubby still say I look like a geek with this glasses, but a sexy geek! hahaha
The only thing I didnt like is I had to pay tax (>_<)

Have you ever try buy / order glasses from firmoo???
Dou you like it??
I would love to read your opinion, please leave a comment below.
Dont forget to put your link so I can visit you back (^_~)* 


  1. kok bisa kena charge? :o pdhl harganya brp beb? wkwk
    tp emg sih wig q kmrn kena chart 2 jt..pdhl kl diitung kayak biasanya ya cuma kena 400rb T______T

  2. ihh sis Ehara bisa aja ganti Friday dengan Firmo...hihihi
    memang betul mother itu tak ada liburnya...*meratapi nasib*

  3. Great glasses, my dear!
    Lovely weekend!

  4. You look beautiful also natural! Enjoy your weekend :)
    I'm following u through GFC, hope you will follow back xx

  5. great post! would you like to follow eachother?