New Template, New Looks..!

 I'm so-so-so sorry if you are a little uncomfortable when exploring my blog in this few days. I decided to change my blog template, and I do this all by my self. Thats why my blog template still looks weird now (the comment box position still not right!) 
(>_<) *aaaaaaarrghhh*

To be honest, is not hard to change blogger template but customize it to suit what I want somewhat confusing-tiring-exhauting-desperating works! Well, I might be a little exaggerated...hahaha :-p

I want new template to make my blog looks more fresh & off course more SEO friendly. 
I will continue to fix my blog template for a few day more, so I hope you all understand this inconvenience.(^_~) <3 <3 Thank you...!


  1. blognya jadi unyuuu,,aku suka headernya xixixi :*

    1. xixixi..makasih sayyy,,tapi belum beres nech,,comment boxnya msh ngaco >_<

  2. really lovely!!

    xoxo Francesca

  3. very cute look! love the change! :))

    love lots,

  4. I love it, so cute! I suck at my blog layout, it takes me so long just to make a header lol>_< x

    1. Thank you,,I took a long time to create my header too and i still not finish it >_<

  5. I love the header of this blog ♥

    I nominated your for this Liebster award :)

  6. love the template, the colour palette is wonderful

    hope we can follow each other ! Let me knoww xx
    Please follow my blog 'Heylinni' at:
    I will gladly follow you back!!! Us bloggers need to support each other

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