BIG Gift Haul from Japan

(^_^)/ Hellooooo....
Pfuiiihhh, been a long time I did not update my blog. Sorry, I'm busy with my other blog (My other blog is in Bahasa Indonesia, kindly check my blog -> IbuMudaBijak).
Actually I have a lot of photos and post reviews on waiting in the draft, but I always forget and dont have the extra time to write the post (-__-)
But dont worry, I will post it very soon! * Promiseeeeeeeee ...*

But today I wanna post about my latest gift haul!
This is a gift from my parents, Im not sure if this could be categorized as 'HAUL' hehehe.
But I like to call this haul because I got sooo many stuff just like a BIG HAUL <3

BIG Gift Haul from Japan

For your Info, my parents live far-far away from me (T_T)
They live in Okinawa, japan.......I live in west java, indonesia.

So sad I cant meet them often, probably we only meet once in 2 years because airplane ticket is so expensive! (>_<) So I will so happy like a little kids when my parents send me a gift package! I feels like today is my birthday \(^_^)/ hahaha

wohooooo.....Lets open the big box! 
BIG Gift Haul from Japan

First, kids toys..
This a bunch of little toys, big looner tunes poster, mickey swimming floats, cute little fan & many more cute things. My kids really excited, they really miss their Obaasan & Ojiisan (grandmother & grandfather), this gift really makes them happy! (^_^)

And this is all the kitchen stuff..
My mother send me nori & katsuobushi that I order for making sushi & takoyaki! 
She also send me a lots of small stuff for my kitchen, cute picks, plastic knife for kids (my kids love cooking with me, they wannabe chef!) she even send spoon & fork! hahaha :-p  

This is stuff for my hubby..
Adidas running shoes, japanese Gatsby, Arsenal jersey, Polo shirt, T-shirt, socks, etc. 
Oh, he gots a lots of stuff from my parents, much more than what I get! *Im jealous! haha* I think this is because my dad like him so much! hahaha.

This is all for meeeee...!! \(^_^)/ Wooohooooo... *So Happy!!*
BIG Gift Haul from Japan

Yayyy,,,my mom know I love this mask so much, so she sent me 20 piece mask!
This mask feels very refreshing, I will soon review this mask (^_^)

Shiseido Awafuru Eco Soap. To be honest, this is Shiseido products for a hotel soap. But I never try it before & really interest to try this soap <3
Shiseido awafuru eco soap

And this..The strong aroma comes out from this travel set skin care. The brand is 'akhassa retreat', never hear about this product before, but the aroma really makes me relax.. <3
akhassa travel set

Hey, I like this phone chain <3 This is a kind of face roller that promise can makes your face slimmer. Hmmm, I didnt really believe it, because this only on a small size. But I like massage my chubby cheecks with this, hopefully my cheeks become thin! hahaha.

Lanvin black makeup purse with Hello Kitty key chan (>^_^<) *so cuteeee*
Small gold pin & very pretty pink bracelet *I love it* <3 <3 <3

I really love the bracelet <3 <3 <3

I prefer flower pattern fan but mom sent me black satin fan to match with lanvin black makeup purse & hello kitty chain.

Why mom, why? why you sent me 4 hair combs? hahaha

Thats all gift haul from my parents <3
I will post more details review about mask, shiseido eco soap, akhassa travel set soon! Next I wanna order wig & other japan cosmetics for my next haul to my mom, because usually before christmast there's a lots big sale in japan (^-^) <3
Big sale is a great time for shopping!! hahaha

Thanks for reading <3
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  1. haulnyaaa bener2 cetaarrr hihihi
    kpn2 ke jepang yuks sayy, aku pengen ke jepang tp ga ngerti bhs n tempat2nya, wkwk ngajakin km aja ya *plaaak

    1. cetar doong ach :-p
      ahaha,,boleh-boleh, nnt aku jadi guidenya tapi kamu yg bayarin yak :-D

  2. great :)

  3. Followed you on GFC and Bloglovin, it would be great if you could do the same too..

    Do let me know if you have done it.. :D
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    1. Thanks I already follow you back via gfc, bloglovin & instagram (^_^)

  4. Awww your parents are so sweet to send you so many gifts! Its sad how you can only visit them every 2 years!


    1. Gift from them always make me happy, is like a treat for me <3
      I wanna meet them often but the airplane ticket is so expensive >_<

  5. ahaaaai ada dipisau segala?? hihihi.. sangat ibu bijak.. untuk masak didapur ya jenk..

    1. ahahaha,,,itu pisau plastik buat anak aku,,buat mereka masak kalo bantuin bundanya :-) niatnya mau di post di blog yg ibumudabijak sekalian aza di post disini dulu,,xixixixi

  6. aww... I would be soo happy if I received these stuffs <3

  7. haul nya keren-keren :) *jadi mupeng*

    btw new follower~