[ REVIEW ] Become Diva or Sweet Girl With ItsDIVA Lashes

( ^_^)/ やぁ!Hello ladies.....!
How are you today? I hope you all oke & have a great days!
 Actually Im not in a good condition, I still in recovery after sick & I just lost something precious in my life (T_T) all of the incident had made me discouraged...

But, heyyyy *I shout to myself* life must go on!
So I put my makeup on, start to smile again, back to all my activity & write a new review about my current favourite false eyelashes <3

Why false eyelashes?

My eyelashes almost invisible, and because all this incident that happened in this few weeks, my eyes looks dull & listless... *not attractive at all*
But when I wearing this false eyelashes, this falsies help me to raise my mood.
Why? because this false eyelashes really improve my appearance.
This false eyelashes make me feels & looks like a DIVA!

Are you curious what false eyelashes I talked about above?
ItsDIVA lashes

ItsDiva false eyelashes

Im so lucky to become 1 of lucky winner on 
My prize is 2 pack of ItsDIVA Lashes, each box contain 3 pairs eyelashes.
My first impression about the packaging...
Aww,,,its pink! (^_^) <3 xixixi
The box have a very pretty vintage flower pattern & I can see the eyelashes clearly because the front packaging partially is a transparent plastic. Its simple but so pretty!

ItsDiva false eyelashes
I got  ItsDIVA Lashes code 84 & 89
ItsDiva false eyelashes made in indonesia
*so proud* (^_^)
ItsDiva Lashes is made in Indonesia, but the quality is very great!
Talk about the price, this lashes is very cheap! Only 17,500 IDR you can get 3 pair eyelashes, this is a very great deal. Please take a note, Cheap but not cheesy! 

ItsDiva false eyelashes
You can read about 'how to apply lashes' on the back packaging

Now lets review the lashes one by one...
I will start with ItsDIVA Lashes code 89.
ItsDiva false eyelashes
ItsDIVA Lashes code 89. This false eyelashes attracted my attention because the lashes is long & slender but not excessive.
Now lets check more review plus my FOTD with ItsDiva Lashes...
*NOTES* Before you scrool down, so sorry if my face not fresh & still looks pale like a ghost. Lightning in this photo is not good because I only use my phone camera & I use sun lighting. When in the middle photo session the wheater keep changing from shining bright to gloomy. 
  (>__<) *It make my face looks more pale*

Upssss....I forget something!
My makeup will not perfect without ItsDIVA lashes
false eyelashes
Can you see the different?????
1 eye using ItsDIVA Lashes & the other eye not.
The lashes length fit the size of my eyes. The lash band is very flexible, easy to apply because it can follow the shape of my eyes very well. What I really like from ItsDIVA Lashes is, this lashes is amazingly comfortable! (^_~) *wink-wink*

false eyelashes
Both eyes using ItsDIVA Lashes no 89
I suddenly feels very sexy....like a Diva! (^_~)* loveeeee it!
My mood is back......yayyyyyy!! \(^_^)/
Makeup is my alternative medicine...xixixixi
ItsDiva false eyelashes
I feel like a divaaaaa.....!!! ♪ 
*singing like a drunk girl* hahaha

Now lets review ItsDIVA Lashes code no 84...
ItsDiva false eyelashes
ItsDIVA Lashes code 84. The lashes is short, have a cute shape & more suitable for everyday wear but still looks cute for a date or hang out with friends. 
My first impression when I see this lashes was like.. 
"Hmmm..The lashes shape didnt looks natural, this lashes will make my eye looks weird"
But then,,,I was totally wrong!
When I wear ItsDIVA Lashes code 84 it looks very natural on my eye & not weird at all!
Almost looks like real lashes, even my hubby like this lashes! He say I looks more pretty in this lashes than the other one (code no 89).
(*^_^*) *blushing* xixixixixi 

ItsDiva natural false eyelashes
Both eyes using ItsDIVA Lashes code 84. 
Altough this eyelashes looks natural & feels very light like I didnt wear false eyelashes. There's 1 thing I didnt like from this lashes, ItsDIVA Lashes code no 84 is not too flexible. I have a hard time when apply this lashes to my eye, the inner lash band hard to stick because the lashes shape dont want to follow the shape of my eyes.

natural false eyelashes
This lashes looks natural on me, giving the impression of a sweet girl <3
natural false eyelashes
This lashes is very light too..I didnt feel like I wearing a false eyelashes, which is great! 
cute false eyelashes
IDK but I feels more younger when I wear this falses!
So I try to make that 'cute face' 
(o^^)o *em I cute??* hahahaha
cute false eyelashes
This is not cute face.....this is my chubby face (o^_^o) hahahaha

So, there is 2 team in my house.
1 team like my DIVA appearance..
The other team fall in love my SWEET GIRL appearance..

Which appearance you prefer?
Diva or Sweet girl? 
Have you ever try ItsDIVA Lashes? Please leave your thought in comment box..

You can be anything you want with ItsDIVA Lashes <3
ItsDiva false eyelashes
Price: 17,500 IDR
One pack contains 3 pairs of eyelashes
Can be used up 2x every lashes
Each type of eyelash will give a different impression on everyone. . 
Choose eyelash suitable to beautify your eyes. . 
Want to appear: Natural, Sexy, Glamor or elegant. . 
all there at your option, be beautiful with ItsDIVA Lashes

If you interest with ItsDIVA lashes you can order here:
Website: http://itsdivalashes.com/
Facebook: ItsDIVA Lashes
Email: itsdiva.lashes@yahoo.com


  1. Yg no 84 bagus di mata kamu! Pengennn hahaha...

    Already followed yours ya! Let's be friend! ^^


    1. iyaaa bnyk yg bilang gitu,,,no 89 terlalu cetar tampaknya,,xixixi

      makasih ya dear <3

  2. Pretty and cute to the max! :D
    Omg dear. Get well soon ya :)
    Bener banget makeup obat kegalauan lol

    1. aww,,,,tengkyu ya beib :-D
      'ngelenong' emang slalu bikin happy,,xixixii

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    1. thanks :-)
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  4. Great review!!! you look so pretty!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!! my g+ and like for your post!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. thanks you marcela <3 you're too kind :-)
      have a great day too for you!

  5. Teteh cantik banget deh! kayak masih perawan aja hee

  6. its my first time to apply falsies a few days ago ^^ and i think im going to start buying them soon, i esp want to try individual lashes hehe. btw it sounds like you are going through hard times atm i hope you feel better soon ehara :)

    1. (^_^) thanks shane, I feel better with all my friends around me <3
      oh I never try individual lashes before, but maybe i will try it too soon...I prefer using falsies that easy to apply,,xixixi :-D

  7. sukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bangetz sama lashesnya yang no 84 itu, kesannya cantik jadi mirip chibby-chibby deh!

    1. aku jg suka lashes yg itu <3 ahahaha ketuaan ach jadi chibi2 :-p malu sama anak, hahaha

  8. Waks betul banget...makeup is like a drug hehehehe ....thanks ya say...and smoga cpt dikasi bebi lg!

    1. iyaaa,,like a drug banget,,,menaikkan mood & bikin ketagihan (>_<) xixixi
      Makasih ya sistaaa....skrg mau fokus istirahat dulu,,maybe next year im ready again <3

  9. Wow! Amazing lashes, my dear!

  10. Dark Long Gentle Glamorous Very False Lashes
    Condition: Brand new, Color: Dark, Material: Fiber & Â Rhinestone
    Eyelashes Length: application 0. 6-1. 2cm, m 1 Set Package Dimension: app 5 By 8 By 0. 8cm
    Pounds: About 4g