Summer Haul Plus Quick Review Etude House Ice Cream Nails

(^_^)/ Hallo dear..
How are today? Its very hot in my place! *Im melted*
how the weather at your place??

Today I wanna share about my Summer Haul !!
All this from my lovely sponsor Hotdeals In Korea <3

Summer Haul
Tadaaaa......I got a lots of stuff perfect for summer!!

My summer haul is:
--> 6 ETUDE HOUSE Ice Cream Nails:
-PK001 strawberry
-OR201 grapefruit
-BE101 banana
-GR701 green apple
-BL601 blue mint
-PP501 blue berry
--> LIRIKOS Marine Hydro Special Trial Set
-2 LIRIKOS Maryne Hydro Ampoule EX, 1 ml 
-Exclusive Marine Energy Cream  EX, 8 ml
-Marine Oxygenic Essence EX, 5 ml
- Exclusive Marine Energy Serum EX, 5 ml
--> Lots of sample from ETUDE HOUSE
- B.B Deep Cleansing Foam Baking Powder
- Nymph Aura Volumer
- Shea Butter Nutrifull Cream
Shea Butter Nutrifull Sleeping Pack
- Collagen Moistfull Peeling Wash
- Collagen Moistfull Cream
Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream
Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream
--> 2 box Face Cotton

\(^_^)/ "Wohoooo,,Im so happy with my haul!!"
Actually I got this package in early august but because of my 'holiday time' I just had time to make blogpost now, xixixi *sorry*

Im so excited when mailman deliver this huge box to my house!
I was thingking "OMG, the box is so big, what's inside???????"Hotdeals In Korea

After a hard work open this box very carefully....
Finally I can see what's inside, *bubble-bubble wrap! oh I love bubble wrap! hahaha*
everything is wrapped securely with bubble wrap, except 2 little box, because its only a face cotton. (^_^)V
Hotdeals In Korea

I already open the bubble warp very  carefully, I dont wanna broke something.
But too bad, when I open the bubble warp packaging I found out 1 bottle nail polish is broke And its pink nail polish!!! aaaaaahhhh....*shocked* *crying* (T_T) 
Hotdeals In Korea

Quick review about Etude House Ice Cream Nails..

I already try 4 colours of Ice Cream Nails. 
Ice Cream Nails polish has creamy & thick texture. Very bright pigmentation, but too bad it had a little chemical smell because I was wondering if they have Ice Cream smell too, I will lick my nails! hahaha.

To be honest first coat is not really good, so I apply second coat. I was surprised that the second coat covered evenly and beautifully since the first coat was more of a struggle.
I didn't have significant chipping problems, after a week my nails colour still good <3
Etude House Ice Cream Nails

I fall in love with this nail polish because the colours & packaging <3 <3 <3
Etude House Ice Cream Nails comes
in adorable & super cute ice cream cone look alike packaging! a round bottle with an ice cream cone-shaped handle which is lightweight to hold, like holding an ice cream cone <3
Etude House Ice Cream Nails
Sorry my hand in a very weird position,,I just try to hold that nail polish bottle,,hahaha

I already review the cute Etude House ribbon ice tumbler HERE
And I will review LIRIKOS soon, because it's skincare product I decided to wear the product first for a month. (^_^) So I can give review about LIRIKOS skincare plus result!

2 week after I received my Summer Haul Package I also got another (small) haul.
Hotdeals In Korea send my another gift, I got more LIRIKOS product! **Gosh, I love them so much! Love you Pop Girl! muaaaaach!!!*
Oke, I know its 'only' sample but this is a lot of sample! This sample complete my LIRIKOS skincare <3  

Hotdeals In Korea
LIRIKOS Sample 9 Kit Component:
-Marine Radiance Base SPF22/PA+
-Marine Radiance Foundation SPF22/PA+
-Marine Radiance BB SPF41/PA++
-Marine Botoxin Cream
-Marine Oxygenic Essence EX
-Marine Hydro Ampoule EX
-Marine Hydro Skin Refiner
-Marine Hydro Emulsion
-Sun Protection Intense SPF50+/PA+++

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Thank you for reading my haul post & my quick review. 
(^_^) I will be back with another review.....soon! Bye-bye <3


  1. kakak Keren haul nya rata-rata dari Etude ya..

    1. xixixi sesuai sponsor aza say :-p
      tp kebetulan emang suka sm merk yg 1 ini <3

    2. Waaah kk sudah ada yang sponsorin? Hebat iiihk pingin (T___T)

  2. aku juga suka nailpolishnya. warnanya oke banget. hehehe.

    1. iyaaa,,,suka bgt sm nail polish yg satu ini dech <3

  3. Replies
    1. I will review it soon,,it will takes time,,so many things to reviewed,,hehehe

      I joined your giveaway dear <3

    2. Many thanks for joined to my review.

  4. I need some of those ice cream nail polishes! I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have at least one. Looking forward to the reviews! :)

    1. Then you must buy 1 :-D it very worth it,,the colour is so perfect for summer <3 will review it soon :-)

  5. Such a nice haul... I like your nail polish a lot! <3

  6. Wah sayang banget pink nail polishx pecah.. padahal warnax cakep tuh :(

    btw salam kenal ya :)
    new follower here :)

    1. iya..aku smp nyesek bgt,,untungnya isinya 1/2 botol msh bisa diselametin, trus aku ganti pakai botol kutek yg sama kayak gitu,,jd kayak baru lg dech,,xixixi *ogah rugi*

      thank for follow yaa,,i will follow back yours <3

  7. Hey sweets,

    I am hosting my first ever can win $30 worth clothes, would love if can you enter.


  8. Those nail polishes are the cutest!
    I love the layout of your blog
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc? Let me know.

    1. Yesss, they're so cute!
      Thanks dear,,,I follow your blog via gfc & bloglovin <3

  9. Oh my gosh, you got so many awesome things! I love how feminine all of the packaging is!

    fashion and tea

    1. Its my lucky day i think,,xixixi :-p
      yes, they packaging really feminine & girly also <3 it

  10. I sooo love the tumbler with the pink ribbon on it!! And the nail polishes, can I just eat those cute little colorful ice creams? Kkkk. Hotdeals in Korea is indeed so generous to their fans. <3

    Followed you via bloglovin'
    xx Neeka (

    1. this is the prettiest tumbler i ever seen,,hahaha
      yes, hotdeals in korea are sooooo generous! you must like their page, they holding another giveaway right now :-D

      thanks for following me, i will follow back yours <3