[REVIEW] Make Up For Ever HD Blush (no 5 Rose Chaud / #5 Warm Pink)

Sorry i didnt post much last week, so busy with my job & many other things. But Now I'm back with new review about my new fav makeup, Make Up For Ever High Definition Blush!  
MUFE HD Blush is a part of their HD collection. They say is a cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow.
 There were so many good reviews going around, as it was one of the must-have items.

Honestly, this is the first time I tried cream blushes (>_<) *oh gosh* I usually wear powder or compact blush, but this time I can try cream blush from MUFE. 

The real size packaging is in a small pump bottle contain 10 ml cream blushes. The prize is not cheap, even for me is so expensive! 
But I got MUFE HD Blush in sample sachet size from my BTI Platinum July Box
each sachet contain 1,5 ml...4 x 1,5 = 6 ml 
So mine is 60% of their original size, I think that's more than enough! hahaha

Make Up For Ever HD Blush

Make Up For Ever HD Blush
Mine is MUFE HD Blush No5 Rose Chaud / #5 Warm Pink.
You can see simple explanation about MUFE HD & the ingredients in the back of sachets, & yes this is MADE IN FRANCE <3

Now, lets check the swatches in my hand..

Make Up For Ever HD Blush swatches
MUFE HD blush is a thick liquid cream but they feel really light and liquidy when applied to the skin. I like the scent of this cream blushes <3 is like perfumes! 
Hmmm..maybe rose perfumes? because the name is rose chaud :-p 

Make Up For Ever HD Blush swatches
I apply very small amount in my hand for swatches, but I think that's too much! So I swatches it again in until 3 time in my hand. On the first swatch, the pink colour looks to bright. But after I blended it well the pink colour become warmer, I love it! the shade very suits in my pale skin. 
But it dries too quickly! I must blended it quick or the end result will not be smooth / harsh.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush swatches
I do a smudge & waterproof test, this picture show after I smudge it with water.
Im very impressed, the colour still pigmented even i already rub it hard. This is very great because I living in Indonesia, a tropical country & very hot in here. I keep sweating & wiping my face with a tissue, waterproof & smudge proof blush is what I need!

Before you see my next picture, please understand this is the first time I wear cream blushes. This is the best I can do! *so proud*
And I took the picture from my phone camera, which is not HD at all..hahaha :-p

Make Up For Ever HD Blush review
Sorry if my eyebrow looks awful..haha
This shade looks perfect on my pale skin, almost looks like I'm blushing naturally.
I appllying this cream blush after powder, I have a hard time to blended it well in my cheeks & end up with more blush on my fingers than on my cheeks. (>_<)

Make Up For Ever HD Blush review
Selfie pic under sunlight..hahaha (^_^)V
This is my image of sun kissed blush...but my hubby say, I looks like just got slapped!
My hubby is a very honest person, he really dont understand anything about makeup & sometimes can be a very annoying person, hahaha.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush review
After wearing it all day long (more than 7 hours), this cream blushes still looks amazing! 
When my nose already very oily, my hair getting frizzy, my eye bag like a panda but MUFE HD blush still there & they looks great! 

Overall, I really like this cream blushes <3
The full size prize maybe not cheap (around $26) but the results is very worth it!
I will continue wear MUFE HD blush, 6 ml will enough for a long time. And I definitely will learn more 'how to' blended it well on my cheeks using a brush. Maybe I must wear it under powder not after??? 
Have you ever try this cream blushes? Maybe you have suggestion for me, any comment will help me (^_~)*


  1. Oh looks like a really cool product. Mufe is an excellent brand many thanks for your review!


    1. thanks :-) yes mufe is a very great brand......& expensive too..hehehe

  2. This looks awesome on you! I'm always nervous to cream blushes because I don't blend it very well. But you did it so well. Definitely super cute!

    fashion and tea

    1. Aw,,thank you <3 you must learn to wear this cream blush, I still practice to blend it well till now :-p & i more adore this cream blush!

  3. aaakk bagusss..jd pengen coba hihihi

  4. wow bagus banget ya ini blush o.o sayang aku nggak pernah pake blush

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    1. xixixi aku kalo gak pakai blush mukanya putih pucet kayak zombie (>_<)

      siip,,semua giveaway sista udah aku ikutin

  5. It looks like an nice product =)

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    1. you must try this :-)

      I follow your blog & join your giveaway :-)

  6. I definitely love the color of this product! ♡ *o*
    I will definitely check this product out. It looks so cute and perfect for the dolly look blush~ ♡
    Thanks for reviewing this product, Miss E! haha ^-^*


    1. I love it too <3
      even this is so expensive, you will not regret buy MUFE cream blush. You can control the pink shade you want,so this is perfect cream blush!

      yvw & thank you for visited my blog <3
      I visit back your blog <3

  7. Mahal ya kak (T___T) tapi emang lah MUFE itu TOP banget..
    Cream Blush itu susah nggak sich kak di apply ke cheek? Kok enak kam yang pawder ya..


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