Resep: Cute Egg Cakes

 Resep ini tercipta saat anak-anak saya sudah bosan dengan Cupcakes biasa & meminta cemilan yang baru. Saya lalu mengkreasikan resep vanilla cupcakes standar menjadi eggcakes atau kue di dalam cangkang telur yang dijadikan pengganti cup. Untuk membuat Eggcakes ini memang butuh sedikit ketelatenan tapi sebenarnya mudah kok. Apalagi rasanya enak & berpenampilan menarik sehingga anak-anak saya sangat menyukainya. Mari bikin Cute Eggcakes dirumah & ajak anak-anak untuk turut serta membantu (^_^)

egg cakes

Summer Haul Plus Quick Review Etude House Ice Cream Nails

(^_^)/ Hallo dear..
How are today? Its very hot in my place! *Im melted*
how the weather at your place??

Today I wanna share about my Summer Haul !!
All this from my lovely sponsor Hotdeals In Korea <3

Summer Haul
Tadaaaa......I got a lots of stuff perfect for summer!!

My summer haul is:
--> 6 ETUDE HOUSE Ice Cream Nails:
-PK001 strawberry
-OR201 grapefruit
-BE101 banana
-GR701 green apple
-BL601 blue mint
-PP501 blue berry
--> LIRIKOS Marine Hydro Special Trial Set
-2 LIRIKOS Maryne Hydro Ampoule EX, 1 ml 
-Exclusive Marine Energy Cream  EX, 8 ml
-Marine Oxygenic Essence EX, 5 ml
- Exclusive Marine Energy Serum EX, 5 ml
--> Lots of sample from ETUDE HOUSE
- B.B Deep Cleansing Foam Baking Powder
- Nymph Aura Volumer
- Shea Butter Nutrifull Cream
Shea Butter Nutrifull Sleeping Pack
- Collagen Moistfull Peeling Wash
- Collagen Moistfull Cream
Collagen Moistfull Enriched Cream
Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream
--> 2 box Face Cotton

\(^_^)/ "Wohoooo,,Im so happy with my haul!!"
Actually I got this package in early august but because of my 'holiday time' I just had time to make blogpost now, xixixi *sorry*

Im so excited when mailman deliver this huge box to my house!
I was thingking "OMG, the box is so big, what's inside???????"Hotdeals In Korea

After a hard work open this box very carefully....
Finally I can see what's inside, *bubble-bubble wrap! oh I love bubble wrap! hahaha*
everything is wrapped securely with bubble wrap, except 2 little box, because its only a face cotton. (^_^)V
Hotdeals In Korea

I already open the bubble warp very  carefully, I dont wanna broke something.
But too bad, when I open the bubble warp packaging I found out 1 bottle nail polish is broke And its pink nail polish!!! aaaaaahhhh....*shocked* *crying* (T_T) 
Hotdeals In Korea

Quick review about Etude House Ice Cream Nails..

I already try 4 colours of Ice Cream Nails. 
Ice Cream Nails polish has creamy & thick texture. Very bright pigmentation, but too bad it had a little chemical smell because I was wondering if they have Ice Cream smell too, I will lick my nails! hahaha.

To be honest first coat is not really good, so I apply second coat. I was surprised that the second coat covered evenly and beautifully since the first coat was more of a struggle.
I didn't have significant chipping problems, after a week my nails colour still good <3
Etude House Ice Cream Nails

I fall in love with this nail polish because the colours & packaging <3 <3 <3
Etude House Ice Cream Nails comes
in adorable & super cute ice cream cone look alike packaging! a round bottle with an ice cream cone-shaped handle which is lightweight to hold, like holding an ice cream cone <3
Etude House Ice Cream Nails
Sorry my hand in a very weird position,,I just try to hold that nail polish bottle,,hahaha

I already review the cute Etude House ribbon ice tumbler HERE
And I will review LIRIKOS soon, because it's skincare product I decided to wear the product first for a month. (^_^) So I can give review about LIRIKOS skincare plus result!

2 week after I received my Summer Haul Package I also got another (small) haul.
Hotdeals In Korea send my another gift, I got more LIRIKOS product! **Gosh, I love them so much! Love you Pop Girl! muaaaaach!!!*
Oke, I know its 'only' sample but this is a lot of sample! This sample complete my LIRIKOS skincare <3  

Hotdeals In Korea
LIRIKOS Sample 9 Kit Component:
-Marine Radiance Base SPF22/PA+
-Marine Radiance Foundation SPF22/PA+
-Marine Radiance BB SPF41/PA++
-Marine Botoxin Cream
-Marine Oxygenic Essence EX
-Marine Hydro Ampoule EX
-Marine Hydro Skin Refiner
-Marine Hydro Emulsion
-Sun Protection Intense SPF50+/PA+++

If still dont know about Hotdeals In Korea and curious about my lovely sponsor..

Hotdeals In Korea deliver big sale news and latest trend in korean beauty & fashion. You can enjoy various beauty tips, reviews and awesome events. They provide appealing news like Big sale news or amazing events. 
Currently they only using facebook as official social networking site, but dont worry they're working on other SNS too.

You should go check out their page if you dont wanna miss any giveaway event. 
Yes, they keep holding awesome giveaway with lovely prize! 
That's why I really love Hotdeals In Korea <3

Thank you for reading my haul post & my quick review. 
(^_^) I will be back with another review.....soon! Bye-bye <3


If you read my last post, you will now that I had 'not really good' experience with waterproof mascara. So I prefer use false eyelash right now :-)
But too bad I didnt have many eyelash (T_T) *poor me*

I'm so excited when I browsing today I found giveaway info from Muimiu Beauty Blog because the prize is false eyelash from ITSDIVA LASHES.
\(^_^)/ *whoop-whoop* I really want the prize!!!!

ITSDIVA is new false eyelash manufacturers from Indonesia.
Have you ever heard about this brand??

ITSDIVA is production in Purbalingga - Central Java, which is the largest production center in Indonesia eyelash and quality has been recognized internationally. handmade false lashes and the product quality is quite good with affordable price. Only with 17.000 IDR you can get 3 pairs false eyelashes!
(^_^) *Wooaaaa,,thats really a great deal!*

But, I think this giveaway only for Indonesian resident (not really sure about that). You can about the rules's written in Indonesia language

~~Syarat dan ketentuan~~


PERIODE : 25 Agustus 2013 -  8 September 2013

1. Kalian harus pembaca Muimiu Beauty Blog ( ) di Indonesia dan harus follow blog aku melalui Google Friends Connect ( GFC)

2. Follow fanpage Muimiu Beauty  Style Blog disini : FANPAGE MUIMIU BEAUTY BLOG

3. LIKE fanpage ItsDiva Lashes, disini : FANPAGE ITSDIVA LASHES

4. Promote giveaway ini melalui Facebook dengan menuliskan kalimat berikut : " Hai, ITSDIVA LASHES bareng MUIMIU BEAUTY BLOG bagi bagi bulumata gratis untuk kamu coba, ayo ikutan giveawaynya di (ini tiny url link ke postingan giveaway ini)" dan tag @Muimiu Beauty Style Blog dan @ITSDIVA LASHES

5. Post mengenai giveaway ini di blog kalian dan pasang gambar dibawah ini dalam postingan 
dan sebagai sidebanner di blog kalian dan link back ke giveaway post di blog aku

6. Daftarkan nama GFC , FB Account,  alamat email (untuk dihubungi kembali) serta link postingan giveaway blog kamu melalui komen di blog

7. 25 pemenang yang beruntung akan dipilih secara acak dan akan diumumkan pada tanggal 14 September 2013. Model bulumata yang dikirimkan akan dipilih random.

8. Bagi 25 pemenang yang beruntung wajib menuliskan pengalamannya menggunakan ITSDIVA di blog masing - masing pada periode yang ditentukan (akan diinformasikan selanjutnya) dan bagi 5 orang yang beruntung akan mendapatkan beauty package dari ITSDIVA LASHES. 

very interesting right??? (^_^)
I join this giveaway & really hope I can be the lucky winner <3 *cross finger*
Lets join this giveaway! You can check more detail information about this giveaway HERE.

[REVIEW] KOJI Spring Heart Mascara

Have you ever try japan brands mascara???
This time I wanna review japan brands mascara which is KOJI Spring Heart Mascara!

KOJI Spring Heart Mascara

I read on internet KOJI Spring Heart Long & Curl mascara contains polymer fibers which lengthen eyelashes by 120%. It is a lightweight, long-lasting and curl-maintaining mascara which is waterproof and easy to apply. It also contains Chamomile Recutita Flower Extract and Camellia Japonica Seed Oil that won't dry out your eyelashes and won’t irritate sensitive eyes or softlense user.

KOJI Spring Heart Mascara

KOJI Spring Heart Mascara

My first impression is..
The outer wrapper packaging is very eye catching <3 pink with blink-blink hologram effect! But the mascara packaging itself is more simple, sleek black container with gold-colored writings & golden lid.

This mascara has a curly brush, it makes applying mascara be more easier & you will get better curls <3

I already love this mascara from the first time I saw it <3

Now lets talk about my eyelashes..
I have a very short, thin & flimsy eyelashes (-__-) *poor me* if viewed from a distance looks like I dont have eyelash! hahaha So I really need mascara, I always use mascara daily.

My bare lashes..

Applying the mascara..
First I use an eyelash curler to curl my lashes, but I think that not really help curl my lashes, hahaha. Then I apply one coats mascara, starting at the roots of the lashes. 

Voila....I only apply 1 swipe but this mascara already adding amazing volume, curl, highlighting and beautifying eyes my eyes <3 

KOJI Spring Heart Mascara review
KOJI Spring Heart Mascara review
OMG, My eyes looks like alien eyes here...hahahaha
This is a really impressive mascara that gives great results! 
But how about the waterproof and long lasting claim? Is this mascara really waterproof & can stand for a long time without smudging?

I swatch the mascara on my hand 1 times and wait for 5 minutes.
KOJI Spring Heart Mascara review

After that, I try to wash my hands with flowing water & rub it. 

Wowww...I was very impressed with the results!
Picture below is after I dry my hand with towel. The mascara not stick to the towel, the colour still looks great like before and not fade away.
KOJI Spring Heart Mascara review

After more than 8 hours of wearing this mascara for working, the mascara not smudged or become flaky mascara. Even when I take a shower, the mascara still in good condition! *I dont know this is good or bad* The problems comes when I try to remove the mascara with makeup remover wipes, the mascara still there!

Oh nooo...I realized I had trouble removing this mascara!! It's extremely hard to get off this mascara without damaging my flimsy lashes (>_<) 

So I try the trick 'how to remove mascara' I saw on the internet.
 *Thanks god, internet save me!*

I gently dab at the excess around my eyes use a very soft facial cotton that already give warm water and with a very gently move wiping my lashes. After that I rub a tiny amount of baby shampoo very gently into my eyes for about 30 seconds 
(dont worry, it will not make a tears, its baby shampoo! hehehe) I rinse it off with warm water and gently pat it dry with towel.

Finally I can remove the mascara! *so happyyyyy* pfuiiiiihhh....

As I've said before, this is a really impressive mascara that gives great results. I like how this mascara adding amazing volume, curl, highlighting and beautifying eyes my eyes. But I dont like the truth about this mascara is way to waterproof and really hard to remove! (>_<)

To be honest, I will not too often wear this mascara because its hard to remove it and I will think twice to re-purchase this mascara. I must looking a really great makeup eye / mascara remover before using this mascara again, hahahaha.

Have you try Koji mascara? Do you have any problems with this mascara?
Or maybe you have a suggestion for me about best mascara remover?
Just tell me...I will love to read it <3

[REVIEW] Etude House Limited Edition Ribbon Ice Tumbler

How are you today? (~_~) sorry I did not make a blog post for a long time. 
I just returned from holiday, I decided to stay away from laptop during my holiday time!

But now I'm back (^__^)/
Back with new review about a very cute tumbler...

Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler
I got this cute tumbler as a giveaway prize from Hotdeals In Korea
You all must go check their page, you can get latest info about beauty & fashion. If you like giveaway, Hotdeals In Korea always holding a giveaway (every month) with a great prize! *yayyyyyyy..I love this page*

I got this Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler plus 1 set of Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish (review coming soon)

Oke, now back to the review..
PLAY ETUDE Ice Tumbler is one of a collection from Etude House Ice Shot + Sweet Bubble Play Collection 2013. I check the price on Online Store the price is around Rp 85.000 (Indonesia Rupiah) or about $8-$9.

 Etude House's Limited Edition Ribbon Ice Tumbler
The box is simple but cute!
My first impression is...AWWWWWWWWWW *cuteness overload*
Even when I was a child, I never have a tumbler with big ribbon like this! hahaha

 Etude House's Limited Edition Ribbon Ice Tumbler
Cute Box & cute tumbler <3

 Etude House's Limited Edition Ribbon Ice Tumbler

 Etude House's Limited Edition Ribbon Ice Tumbler
The back label is written in hangeul....I cant read it (>_<)
I got this info from website:

Manufacturer:- Zhejiang Huangyan Dafu Plastic Co., LTD/China
Info on product:-
Country of Origin:- Republic of Korea
Material:- AS, Rubber
Size:- 560ml (16oz) 
The details: 
- Removable ribbon
- Durability, keep drinks cooler longer
- Only for cold drinks! 
- Before use wash both tumbler & straw well 

*Warning* Picture below here can make you drool! This pinky ribbon tumbler is very eye catching & hard to resist! hahaha :-p

 Etude House's Limited Edition Ribbon Ice Tumbler
Cute tumbler plus Orange a must have item in summer!
 The tumbler is transparant but Etude House put their slogan over the tumbler 
Wanna be sweet? 
But it looks like 'WANNA PLAY' hahaha
They also put their signature swirly hearts <3

Great news, the pink polkadot bow is removable! 
Hmmmm.....I'm thinking to use this bow as hairpieces <3 hahaha

Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler

Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler

The pink straw is not a regular straw! It's made from hard plastic, sooooo dont try to chew it! :-p xixixixixi

Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler

Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler

The tumbler & the lid is made from a solid, hard plastic but you must be carefull, this tumbler can broken / cracked if you drop it. 
Too bad, this tumbler is not the kind of tumbler you can insert into the bag.
You can put it in the bag when it's empty but when it's will spill over your bag! 

Etude House Ribbon Ice Tumbler
Can you see the dual structure? is like there's a tumbler inside tumbler..hehehe

Etude House ribbon ice tumbler has a dual structure that prevents warm temperatures from warming our drinks. Also this cant prevent tumbler from 'sweating'! Sometimes if you put very cold water plus ice on tumbler that will make your tumbler 'sweating'. 

You can see how it works  & dimensions of the tumbler from picture below. But it's written in hangeul because I took this pic from Etude House website (^_^)

Etude House

Overall, I really love this tumbler <3
Etude House ribbon ice tumbler is a must have item for summer!
You can keep your drink always cold with this tumbler, also add extra cuteness when you drink it. Everybody will look at you, they will start jealous & thinking *Oh..that girl is so cute, I wish I have that cute tumbler too*  hahahahahaha

 I cant stand to try the pinky polkadot bow as a hairpieces!'s very cute right? (^_~)*

Etude House

FOTD: I wear LIRIKOS marine radiance base, Etude House AC clinic daily sun BB, Face on Face loose powder, MUFE cream blush, Revlon just bitten precious mix with L'Oreal miss strawberry lipstick & KOJI Spring Heart mascara.

Thank you for reading my review <3 *sip the orange juice*

Fruity Oatmeal Baked Apple

 Menu ini cocok banget untuk yang lagi diet atau pengen sarapan sehat yang berbeda. Saya lagi-lagi bikin menu ini awalnya untuk lomba resep tapi lama-lama jadi senang sarapan sama Fruity Oatmeal Baked Apple ini. Dan lagi-lagi saya bikin menu baru pakai apel, karena saya emang sukaaaa banget sama buah yang satu ini. Karena sering makan apel itu baik untuk kesehatan, kan ada quotes tuch tentang apel.. 

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away!'

  Nah, quotes itu bener banget, makan 1 buah apel setiap hari akan menjauhkan kita dari dokter (gak gampang sakit). Karena buah apel itu banyak mengandung vitamin, mineral serta unsur lain seperti fitokimian, serat, tanin, baron, asam tartar, dan masih banyak lagi yang sangat baik untuk tubuh kita. Dan yang paling bagus kandungan vitaminnya itu ada di kulit apel! Jadi lebih baik makanlah apel dengan kulitnya, jangan dikupas tapiiii jangan lupa dicuci dulu hingga bersih yaaa (^_^)V

Fruity Oatmeal Baked Apple
eat while is still warm,,,so yummy!

 Resep ini jadi double sehatnya karena saya menggabungkan buah apel yang kaya akan vitamin itu dengan oatmeal & aneka buah lainnya yang juga bagus untuk tubuh kita. Yuk, lihat resep & cara pembuatannya disini...

Malam Minggu Bersama Onion Ring & Spaghetti..

 Malam minggu saya gak pergi kemana-mana karena kondisi badan lagi kurang fit. Kebetulan anak saya yang paling kecil juga baru sembuh dari sakit panas. Jadilah kami malam mingguan dirumah saja, para cowo sibuk nonton DVD, saya sibuk bikin cemilan di dapur, hehehe.

 Kali ini cemilannya agak berat, hmmm..lebih tepatnya makan malam kedua kali yaaa, hahaha. Habisnya yang saya bikin itu bukan makanan yang 'ringan' melainkan onion ring & spaghetti saus sarden pedas! (^_^) Soalnya suami & anak-anak saya itu kalau malam nafsu makannya membesar, sedangkan saya yang takut bodynya membesar gak ikut 'ngemil' saya cuma bertugas untuk memasak & menyajikan saja, hahahaha.

onion ring
Onion ring yang saya 'selamatkan' untuk di foto....sisanya sudah habis di'serbu' sama anak-anak & c ayah....

Puding Full-Blast

 Resep puding ini awalnya sengaja saya bikin untuk kuis yang di adakan oleh merk snack Fullo, xixixixi. Tapiiii anak-anak saya jadi ketagihan sama puding yang satu ini, jadi saya sering banget bikin puding ini. Puding Full-Blast ini sebenarnya simple banget, bahannya sedikit & cara bikinnya gampang. Cocok banget untuk dessert setelah makan atau cemilan untuk anak-anak.  

So simple but So yummy..!!!


Dirgahayu Republik INDONESIA yang ke 68 !!
Semoga negara kita tercinta ini lebih melangkah maju dalam  segala hal. Saya selalu bangga bisa menjadi warga negara Indonesia. Merdekaaaaaaaaaaa (^_^)/

[REVIEW] Make Up For Ever HD Blush (no 5 Rose Chaud / #5 Warm Pink)

Sorry i didnt post much last week, so busy with my job & many other things. But Now I'm back with new review about my new fav makeup, Make Up For Ever High Definition Blush!  
MUFE HD Blush is a part of their HD collection. They say is a cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow.
 There were so many good reviews going around, as it was one of the must-have items.

Honestly, this is the first time I tried cream blushes (>_<) *oh gosh* I usually wear powder or compact blush, but this time I can try cream blush from MUFE. 

The real size packaging is in a small pump bottle contain 10 ml cream blushes. The prize is not cheap, even for me is so expensive! 
But I got MUFE HD Blush in sample sachet size from my BTI Platinum July Box
each sachet contain 1,5 ml...4 x 1,5 = 6 ml 
So mine is 60% of their original size, I think that's more than enough! hahaha

Make Up For Ever HD Blush

Make Up For Ever HD Blush
Mine is MUFE HD Blush No5 Rose Chaud / #5 Warm Pink.
You can see simple explanation about MUFE HD & the ingredients in the back of sachets, & yes this is MADE IN FRANCE <3

Now, lets check the swatches in my hand..

Make Up For Ever HD Blush swatches
MUFE HD blush is a thick liquid cream but they feel really light and liquidy when applied to the skin. I like the scent of this cream blushes <3 is like perfumes! 
Hmmm..maybe rose perfumes? because the name is rose chaud :-p 

Make Up For Ever HD Blush swatches
I apply very small amount in my hand for swatches, but I think that's too much! So I swatches it again in until 3 time in my hand. On the first swatch, the pink colour looks to bright. But after I blended it well the pink colour become warmer, I love it! the shade very suits in my pale skin. 
But it dries too quickly! I must blended it quick or the end result will not be smooth / harsh.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush swatches
I do a smudge & waterproof test, this picture show after I smudge it with water.
Im very impressed, the colour still pigmented even i already rub it hard. This is very great because I living in Indonesia, a tropical country & very hot in here. I keep sweating & wiping my face with a tissue, waterproof & smudge proof blush is what I need!

Before you see my next picture, please understand this is the first time I wear cream blushes. This is the best I can do! *so proud*
And I took the picture from my phone camera, which is not HD at all..hahaha :-p

Make Up For Ever HD Blush review
Sorry if my eyebrow looks awful..haha
This shade looks perfect on my pale skin, almost looks like I'm blushing naturally.
I appllying this cream blush after powder, I have a hard time to blended it well in my cheeks & end up with more blush on my fingers than on my cheeks. (>_<)

Make Up For Ever HD Blush review
Selfie pic under sunlight..hahaha (^_^)V
This is my image of sun kissed blush...but my hubby say, I looks like just got slapped!
My hubby is a very honest person, he really dont understand anything about makeup & sometimes can be a very annoying person, hahaha.

Make Up For Ever HD Blush review
After wearing it all day long (more than 7 hours), this cream blushes still looks amazing! 
When my nose already very oily, my hair getting frizzy, my eye bag like a panda but MUFE HD blush still there & they looks great! 

Overall, I really like this cream blushes <3
The full size prize maybe not cheap (around $26) but the results is very worth it!
I will continue wear MUFE HD blush, 6 ml will enough for a long time. And I definitely will learn more 'how to' blended it well on my cheeks using a brush. Maybe I must wear it under powder not after??? 
Have you ever try this cream blushes? Maybe you have suggestion for me, any comment will help me (^_~)*