Hotdeals In Korea

~~~ヾ(^∇^) Helloooo ー♪
How are you feeling today? Hopefully you all feeling happy! like I do <3
I just saw a very great offer that makes me feeling "omg,,omg,,omg.." hahaha
Like usually, everyday I love to browsing about Korean news on Facebook.
Why Facebook? 
Its simple, because I open my Facebook everyday! hahaha

There's 1 Facebook Page that really attract my attention, Hotdeals In Korea !

Hotdeals In Korea Deliver Big sale news and latest trend in korean beauty & fashion. I guarantee you all will enjoy various beauty tips, reviews & awesome events which they post in their page. 

And today I saw something that attract my heart & maybe (it will be!) attract your heart too...
Hotdeals In Korea is offering they 1st buying service, Hot Summer Sale!
In this summer, there's season sale in korea who is offering sale up to 50%. But Hotdeals In Korea is prepare additional 10%, soooo they offering total 60% off sale to all people from outside korea!!!

 o(^^o)(o^^)o *sooo excited*


 1st Hotdeals offers from Hotdeals In Korea 
This is summer hot sale season in korea up to 50% OFF, We prepare additional 10%, total 60% off sale offer to our friends outside korea!!! 

Come and enjoy our big offer! (PC Only!)
shop here ☞

☆ Shopping Tips ☆
This is limited offer!
Only 100 product will be available at a 60% discount.
Eacn buyer cannot buy more than 2 pieces.
Offer not valid in Korea.

In case the event products are sold out earlier, we can provide the same product as 50% off the original price!

Don't miss out Hotdeals In Korea..!!!

Are you curious about the sale? Here is the sneak preview...
OMG....The Face Shop it AURA CC Cream only $10 !! Its really tempting ...

One thing that I worry about online shopping is the shipping fee/cost! Sometimes shipping fee can be more expensive than the product we buy (>_<) 
But dont worry anymore!! Hotdeals In Korea 'indulged' us with a very friendly shipping fee! *Horaaayyyyyy* ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

And if you are a giveaway lovers, you MUST like the page right now. Because they often hold a giveaway too. Last time they holding LIRIKOS sample giveaway & there's 50 winner! that's a massive giveaway, & Im so lucky to be 1 of the winner (^_^) Im waiting for my package arrive to my house!

I cant wait for my package coming...... (>^_^<) <3 <3

Soooooo...what are you waiting for? Go to Hotdeals In Korea Facebook Page & like their page. You will get triple benefit! You can get the latest info about Korea, join (& win) lovely prize from the giveaway & buy you favourite Korean product in great price! 

(^_^)V Looking for a good deals? go to Hotdeals In Korea  <3


  1. Woaaa the price is really low not like other store :-D

    1. yesss,,,you must check their page Zeezee & i guarantee you will get a limbo..hahaha

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  4. Amazing :)
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    1. Hurry check Hotdeals page now, they only offer sale until 14 July :-)

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  10. Hey! Thank you for mentioning hot deals. I am now drooling over everything :p