[GIVEAWAY] Compilation Giveaway Info on July & August

(^_^)/ Hello my lovely readers..
This time I want to share info about giveaway that was held in the month of July & August 2013. Share this news because I loved to join giveaway, specially blog giveaway <3
Honestly, I dont just want the prize but I also loved to discover a new blog to read (that maybe become my inspiration) & got a new bblogger friends! 

Sooo...I want to invite you to join the giveaway in this list, maybe you (& I) will win the prize! (^_~)* I will keep updated this post with the latest giveaway info!

1. Sweetaholic Beauty..200,000 Pageviews Giveaway!
international giveaway
-Win beauty & makeup product
-One winner
-Open internationally
-Ends on 20 August, 2013

2. The Dark Side Of Beauty..Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eyeshadow Trios
international giveaway
-Win 6 Wet n Wild Eyeshadow trios
-One winner 
-Open internationally
-Ends on 25 August, 2013

3. Chermaineho..Giveaway Again
International giveaway
-Win Korean & American beauty product
-One winner
-Open internationally
-Ends on 1st September, 2013

4. Breezeybee..International Giveaway | Thank You!
-Win MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick
-One winner
-Open internationally
-Ends on 13 August, 2013

5. Velvet Daisy..Giveaway / Ette Clothning / Annarack
international giveaway
-Win Kimono, cute earrings & matching rings
-One winner
-Open internationally
-Ends on 19 August, 2013

6. Ruby Duchess..Montagne Jeunesse Giveaway!
-win Montagne Jeunesse Peel & Mud pamper pack
-2 winner
-Open Internationally
-Ends on 11 August, 2013

7. Luch Luch Craft..INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Efoxcity
-Win Efoxcity jewelery
-Open Internationally
-Ends on 11 August, 2013

-Win $50 Giftcard to spent on Lotus Blossom Design store
-Open Internationally
-Ends on 22 August, 2013

2nd Hot Offers From Hotdeals In Korea

ヾ(^∇^)  Hellooooo ー♪
Hey, ladies you all must check this out..
Hotdeals In Korea is holding 2nd offer for you all <3
This time there's a HUGE sale up to 50% off sale for MISSHA,
famous Korean beauty product. But this is limited time offers!
Sooo....Make sure you dont missed out this promo

 Hotdeals In Korea

I know you all curious about this offer, so here is the sneak peak...

 Hotdeals In Korea

2nd Hotdeals offers from Hotdeals In Korea 
In Korea, MISSHA starts their summer hot seasonal sales, up to 50% OFF. 
But our friends outside korea cannot enjoy seasonal sales at home.
 So we will buy them JUST for you! 

You can shop here (Available for PC only) 

☆ Shopping Tips ☆
This is a limited time offer! (2013.07.23 ~ 2013.07.29)
You can pay with your credit card or with your paypal account!
Western Union accepted!

Free Shipping!

We send item on 7/29 
We ship the item via korea post economy shipping service. It will take two weeks for delivery. 
We highly recommend you to ADD tracking number! 
With only addition of $2.50 (It takes the same days as free shipping, 
but it includes tracking number so that you can track down where your items are)

Don't miss out Hotdeals In Korea!

Really interesting right? No need travel away to Korea to get this awesome deals.
You can shopping online via Hotdeals In Korea!
Is very simple & easy, you can get your favourite MISSHA product with just 1 klik (& pay the bill off course, hahahaha)

Cerita Sahur & Resep: Sop Kaki Sapi

 Beberapa hari ini cuaca gak menentu yach, hujan gerimis terus, hujannya kecil tapi gak berhenti-henti. Akibat hujan yang terus-menerus dari kemarin, suhu udara di daerah rumah saya jadi dingiiiiiiin banget! Apalagi cuaca di pagi hari buta saat saya mau nyiapin menu sahur, brrrrr...Saking dinginnya saya masak selain pakai apron pakai jaket tebal 2 lapis looh! ahahaha

 Nah, akibat cuaca dingin anak-anak & suami saya jadi malas bangun pagi untuk sahur. 
Hadeuuuh kalo sudah begini saya harus 'teriak-teriakan' di pagi hari sampai anak-anak bangun & protes "Bunda suaranya cempreng, ganggu tidur kaka!" 
(-__-) dasar anak-anak...suara saya kan merdu serak-serak basah gini,,xixixi

 Pagi ini saya memilih masak Sop Kaki Sapi untuk menu sahur, cocok banget kan tuch makan yang berkuah & hangat dicuaca yang dingin ini. Tapi merebus kaki sapi kan butuh waktu agak lama biar empuk, saya merebus kaki sapinya dari malam sepulang salat taraweh. Jadi pagi-pagi saya tinggal bikin kuahnya aza dech, kalo bikin dari awal ntar keburu imsak, hehehe.

 Yuk yang mau nyoba menu Sop Kaki Sapi saya (kok jadi gak enak gitu dibacanya, hahahaha) Silahkan cek resepnya kemari yach...

Resep: Kolak Labu Parang

kolak labu parang

 Hai semuaaa.....
Gimana masih pada puasa kan? udah ada yang bolong belum? xixixi kayak anak kecil aza.
Alhamdulillah di bulan puasa tahun ini, anak-anak saya kembali belajar berpuasa & belum pernah bolong hingga hari ini (^_^). Saya jadi semakin semangat berpuasa juga karena masa kalah puasanya sama anak kecil, xixixi.

 Untuk hidangan berbuka, anak-anak saya suka makanan yang manis-manis. Kebetulan hari ini ada yang ngirim labu parang kerumah, jadi saya memutuskan untuk 'menyulap' labu parang ini menjadi Kolak yang manis. Kolak Labu Parang cocok sekali jadi hidangan takjil, cara membuatnya gampang kok! seperti bikin kolak biasa. Yuk bikin kolak ini untuk hidangan takjil dirumah anda.

Mari dilihat resep & cara pembuatannya disini...

[REVIEW] Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious

~~~ヾ(^∇^) Helloooo Ladies ー♪
This time I wanna review my newest lip product from Revlon, 
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Precious colour! 
(Piuuffhh..the name is hard to pronounced without tripping a word..haha)

It seems all beauty bloggers have tried or review this Revlons lip product. 
But I just got mine from my recently Revlon Gift Haul.  
Mine is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Precious colour (050).

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious
My first impression.. 
The packaging is like a big crayon, very eye cacthing, convenient & comfortable to hold. There's no sharpener required, just twist the bottom silver cap so the product comes out. It's easy to apply <3

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious
Looks like a big crayon  (^_^)
Although the product isn't the full length of the tube, you will get just as much as you would get in a lipstick.
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious
I twist it until full, thats all the product..

 Precious (050) is a pinky nude that has slightly beige colour.
I swatches it on my hand, but because of the pale shade you can barely see it *sorry for low resolution & blurry pic* (>_<)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious

First time I think this colour is tooo pale for me, but then..Hey I LOVE it! 
It's so sheer and give natural looking without feeling like I am walking around with nothing on. They have lovely mint scent and tingle, very refreshing. I feels extremely light on lips, not greasy or waxy buy it's moisturizing my dry lips.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious
Room light..
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious
Room light with Flash..
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious
Outdoor light..

For me this product doesn't stay on all day, the color started to look fade away after 4 hours of wear. It does stain a little bit, but to keep the pigmented color I would have to reapply throughout the day. Good thing is, I can control over how sheer or how thick I want to put it on. (^_^)V

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Precious
Me so love it....

About 'kissable' name, I think thats mean you can 
kiss someone when you wearing this without transfering lip colour to your partner. 
Sooo..I kiss my hubby, off course is not transfering my lip colour to my hubby because the colour is so pale (I didnt know if this works to other colour shade). My hubby say "Your lips feels like a mint candy" hahahaha (*≧▽≦) <3

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
Took this picture from the web..
I really like this Kissable Balm Stain & I cannot wait to pick up more shades from this collection. I wanna try lovesick, rendezvous & cheerish shade <3

Have you ever try  Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain??  
Which colours have you tried? Do you love them? Hate them? Let me know if you've tried these. I'd love to know your thoughts!

Beauty Treats Indonesia Platinum July Box

(^_^)/ Good Morning...!
Im so happy today coz I just got my first ever beauty box! *horayyyyy* 
Well, I know I was late for subscribe when everyone already subscribed. I waited for the right moment to subscribe! hahaha (^_^)

After research many beauty box, I choose to subscribe to Beauty Treats Indonesia because I think the box prize is cheap but they promised Beauty Treats box contents high end cosmetic products.
Hmmm...its really interesting me *looking for the best with the cheapest price! hahaha*

Beauty Treats Indonesia issued 2 types of Boxes, Gold Edition for IDR 95.000 (about $9) and Platinum Edition for IDR 135.000 (about $13). I decided to subscribe the platinum edition box, because I wanna see more high end products in my box. 

Okey, no more talk.. *I will speak to much* :-p
Let's check out my first Beauty Treats Indonesia, Platinum July Box!

The box arrived to my home on 16 July (yesterday), the red sticker is from courier service..

Oh it's a secret??.....I love secret!

I open the box I can see another box inside, above the box is a catalog from Beauty Treats..

Box inside the box.....I feel like today is my birthday! \(^_^)/

I really like the box colour!  Pretty turquoise box plus grey-silver ribbon  <3

Lets open the ribbon..

Tadaa.....im so excited!!

Can you see there's a magnet there, so i can open the box easily & this box can be use again..like the idea!

Another ribbon to open (^_^) <3 
My first impression is...Wow, the box looks full with the product! Yayyyy Im very lucky!

Silver confetti..!!! This is really suprising me, because even in my birthday party i never have a silver confetti *poor me* hahaha

Behind all the silver confetti, this is the products I got...

I really like Koji eyelashes & Koji Mascara <3
Actually, I read many negative review about their June box. First I think  I will be regret buy the july box but now I regret why i just buy 1 box, hahaha. I think this July box is very worth it!!! I was very impressed with my Platinum July Box, the contents far away above my wish.

Smiley Parfume, sample size.
This is an unisex perfume designed to trigger happiness. 
Im really curious with this perfume, a perfume that will make you happy? Just by reading the description already makes me happy!  (^_^)

Smiley sample perfume & bracelet..
 The perfume sample is 1,5 ml but why the bottle is not full?? is like only 1 ml left, the rest 0,5 ml evaporates?!? And there's a yellow bracelet with very cute words "I am in theraphy" I think this bracelet contains a Smiley perfume because is very scented! 

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac, real size!
I really love the scent of Vanila berry sorbet, very sweet

Koji Spring Heart Eyelashes, real size! a glue is already include in the package.
 This is exactly like my wish..I always wish to have koji eyelashes & now my wish comes true! *so happy* \(^_^)/

Koji Spring Heart Long & Curl Mascara, real size!
Wohooo, I got another Koji product
(^_^) more happy <3

Make Up For Ever HD Blush, 4 sachet @1,5 ml. I never try Make Up For Ever product before, so this is my first time! *yayyy* so happy!
I can see there's 4 sachet sample inside but I cant open the ziploc bag! Where's the zipper to open this ziploc bag ??? How i can open it without the zipper ??? I will not cut the ziploc bag with cutter (>_<) ughhh.. 

And this is the catalog from Beauty Treats.
The product with * logo is not available in all box, but but adjusted to the beauty profile of each subscriber.

Platinum box catalog..
From the katalog I can see all the product price, so let us calculate the price..

Smiley Parfume, sample size = (real size price IDR 875.00)
Make Up For Ever HD Blush, sample size 4 sachet x 1,5ml  (real size 10 ml prize IDR 350.000)
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer Pocketbac, real size = IDR 35.000
Koji Spring Heart Eyelashes, real size = IDR 65.900
Koji Spring Heart Long & Curl Mascara, real size = IDR 169.000

To make it simple I only count the real size price..
35.000 + 65.900 + 169.000 = 269.900
I only pay IDR 135.000 but I got beauty products worth IDR 269.900 plus extra sample! (^_^) *Im so lucky*

For your Info, Make Up For Ever HD Blush real size (10 ml) price is IDR 350.000. 
I got 4 sachet each 1,5ml...4 x 1,5 = 6ml...so the estimated price is IDR 210.000 !!

269.900 + 210.000 = .... very-very-very lucky!! hahaha \(^_^)/

For me, this box is really worth it!
I like all the product, except the reality I cant open the ziploc bag until now..hahaha
I'm obviously will subscribe for next month but too bad Beauty treats will take a break for a while. So there will be no August box, they will back in september with a new type of box they called "our little black box".

A little disappointing there will be no beauty box next month, but I'm very interested with the "little black box". I will wait patiently for the september coming...
 ...ok I lie! I really can not wait until september! I am very curiouuussssssss!!! hahaha 

If you live in Indonesia & curious with Beauty Treats Box you can check their website here. Or maybe you want to subscribe the september little black box, the price is IDR 125.000. Be quick and subscribe for it, as its a limited edition box!!

[REVIEW] Revlon Photoready BB Cream

(^_^)/ Hi...
Finally I can make a review post about Revlon Photoready BB Cream i got from my last haul, Revlon Gift Haul. *have you read my post about it?*

Revlon claims that Photoready BB Cream hydrates like moisturizer, smoothes like a primer, covers like a foundation, blurs flaws like a concealer & protects like sunscreen because they contain SPF 30. 

Hmmmmm....sounds very perfect right?

Revlon Photoready BB Cream
Revlon Photoready BB Cream in 020 light medium / light moyen

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

My first impression about the packaging..
 The packaging comes in a lightweight squeeze bottle tube, well this packaging looks very formal, not really eye catching for me.  But the plus value is, the bottle tube will allows the product to come out neatly & conveniently.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

There's 3 option shade you can choose: light, light medium, medium.
 Mine is Revlon Photoready BB Cream in 020 light medium shade / pale moyen. This shade is very well suited to my (pale) skin tone.

The textures is creamy, but ugh I smell very strong scent from this BB, ummm like SPF sunblock scent?
Honestly I didnt like the scent (>_<) it makes me dizzy!

Swatch in my hand...

Now as you can see on the picture below..
Before pic is my bare face skin, I have blemishes, redness, & pockmarks.
After pic is my face after using Revlon Photoready BB Cream, it covered the appearance of my blemishes & redness, but slightly you still can see my pockmarks.   

Revlon Photoready BB Cream

Below this is my finished look, I wear powder, add pink blush & lipgloss.
I looks more flawless in this picture right? I think that's the photoready means...I will be ready to be photographed after use this product (^_^) xixixi
Revlon Photoready BB Cream

Overall, I like this BB cream because it can cover my skin problems. Revlon Photoready BB Cream can be a perfect daily BB cream but i will not use it daily because I can stand the scent (>_<) its really personal matter, I still recomended this product for you who need BB cream which will give you flawless & daily fresh faced look. 

Have you ever try Revlon Photoready BB Cream?
I will loved to read your thought about this BB cream, did you fell the scent is too strong or this is just me? hahahaha