[REVIEW] It's Skin Color Play Pocket Lip Gloss

(^_^)/ Hellooooo..
Today I want to review about lip gloss. For your info, I have a BIG passion with lip gloss, hahaha. Everyday I always wear lip gloss rather than lipstick. & now I want to review lip gloss from It's Skin. This is 1 of my favorites lip gloss! <3

All written in hangeul (>_<) *I didnt understand*

It's Skin Pocket Lip Gloss is very small & handy. Like it's name, you can keep this lip gloss on the pocket & wear it everytime you need extra gloss in your lips! (^_~)*
But the back label all in korean languange / hangeul (>_<) *i cant read it*

It's Skin Color Play Pocket Lip Gloss is in a tube packaging.. 
I buy this when the price is Rp. 45.000 (about 5 USD) but now the price maybe Different. Last time see in online website the price is cheaper, about 3.5 USD (price maybe different in other store).

1 swatch in my hands, you barely cant see the glitter here..
I got It's Skin Pocket Lip Gloss in PK02 or Lady Funky Pink color. But in my thougt is more like peach color not pink. you can see there's a lots shimmery thing or glitter in this lip gloss. If you didnt like glitter in your lips, dont wear this lip gloss! *but hey,,I love it!!*

*aww my lip looks big with all that shimmery thing..hahaha*
This lip gloss have a fruity scent *orange?* also taste very sweet like a fruity candy. 

I cant stop trying to lick my own lips! hahaha :-p 

under afternoon sunlight
room light with flash

I love the pinky-peachy color, I love the scent, I love the glittery & shimmery but there's 1 thing I didnt like from this lip gloss, its too sticky! 
Yeaaa,,I know every lip gloss is sticky but this is too much sticky. (-__-)

But overall, I think It's Skin Color Play Pocket Lip Gloss still worth to buy because is cheap! (^_^)V

How about your opinion? Have you ever try it? Do you like it? 

Thank you for reading my review (^_^)
I buy this with my own money, so this review is honest & purely from the deepest of my heart <3 *wink-wink*


  1. super lovee the pacakgingg!! I like the glitter pink color :)


    1. I like it too <3 The packaging is very handy to go :-)

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  3. love this! :)) simple yet elegant lipgloss :)


    1. I <3 it too,,even i didnt like the 'sticky' feeling but this lipgloss is must have item :-)

      Btw, I already following your blog <3

  4. Very beautiful lipstick:)
    I am your follower, dear:)

  5. Replies
    1. <3 me too!
      btw, milex visited your blog & i love your style very much! <3 i will be your follower :-)

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  7. Wonderful post...I really like your blog.^^
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    1. Thank you Vanessa <3
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    1. iya sis ada glitternya,,sekilas tak tampak padahal banyaaak! xixixi
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