I'm Feeling Pinky Today....

In my mind, I keep reminder myself to write a blogpost at least once every 3 day. 
But in the reality, I keep forget to write a blogpost (>_<) *sorryyyyy*. 
But today I wanna share to you all about my new bracelets thats makes me feeling pinky! "what is the meaning of feel pinky?" lol..IDK :-p I just feels very happy, very girly & very sexy if I wear pink! *thats just my opinion* hahaha

Earlier in the month I got a special package from THE JEWELS PARLOUR
For your Info, The Jewels Parlour is online store who sell ready stock jewelleries. Last month The Jewels Parlour holding May 2013 giveaway & I became 1 lucky winner (from 5 winner) (^_^) *lucky me!*

 The prize is, I may choose everything I want from their store worth Rp.100,000.
I am a little confused to choose because they sell nice accessories & there's a lots of choice *i want allllll*. But finally I choose leather cuff bracelets (^_^)

First time I see the packaging I'm very impressed! They print the recipient's name on a paper label that is very cute. And they pack the bracelet with extra bubble plastick wrap things *ugh,,i dont know the name* (>_<) So the bracelets will arrive safely without scratches or broken.

The leather cuff bracelets is in very good condition (off course, its a brand new) I really loooooove the pink colour, very match with the golden spike! I choose pink colour because pink is my fav colour & the spikey things is very trendy right now <3

Aaaahhhh......the pink leather cuff bracelets completed my pink outfit today! (^_~) <3
From top to toe I wear all pink (you cant see it but i wear pink skinny jeans too..haha) 
Upsssss.....I forget, all pink except my nail polish! :-p 

Feeling so pinky...........Pinky Poetry <3


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    1. (^_^)/ haiii,,thank you for visit me here,,I joined your lovely blog via GCF Miss Ehara <3

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    1. (^_^)/ thank you
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      Its nice to know you,,you have a lovely blog <3