[ REVIEW ] ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Trial Kit + Pouch (NEW 2013)

Etude House AC Clinic Trial Kit + Pouch (NEW 2013)
ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Trial Kit + Pouch

My skin type is oily, especially in the T-zone area. For your info, The T-zone area is the part of your face consisting of the forehead, nose & the area around your mouth, including the chin. It's so named because it's shaped like the letter 'T'. Bad news for me, little pimples (& the big one too) is easily appears in the T area. Like you can see in the pic below, small red pimples starts show up in my oily face *oh nooooo*. 

Very tired face without any makeup,,night picture + flash,,my skin so oily & the red pimples is annoying (>_<)

When i start confused about this little, red, annoying pimples *arrgh* I win a giveaway from facebook online shop "Beauty Lines". I win Etude house skin care, which is AC Clinic Trial Kit + Pouch (new 2013)! What a lucky coincidence O(≧∇≦)O *yeeesssss!!!*

FYI Beauty Lines is Indonesian online shop on facebook, who sell ready stock or pre order cosmetics from Korea (Etude House, SkinFood, Face Shop, Tony Moly, Holika-holika & many more) even you can buy cosmetics sample here

I got AC Clinic Trial Kit + Pouch (New 2013) from them. Etude house Korea already discontinue the old 'AC Clinic Trial Kit' & now release the new AC Clinic Trial Kit + Pouch (New 2013). The pouch size maybe small but can keep all product in this kit. The pouch made by good quality material & the design pattern is cute. This new trial kit already include with AC Clinic Daily Sun BB SPF30/PA++.

I will give a simple review about what's inside AC Clinic Trial Kit & how to use this acne treatment, but before that you all must know that I'm not a expert beauty nor a beauty blogger. I'm just ordinary girl with pimples! hahahahaha (*^▽^)
& sorry for the bad quality pic, I only use phone camera *poor me*

AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser

"AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser 30 ml"
This is the basic from the treatment, 1st wash your face with this facial foam. Release proper amount & make a rich lather with lukewarm water. Massage lather onto face & wash off with lukewarm water.
Love the scent of this facial wash..like in the hospital! hahaha

AC Clinic Daily Toner
"AC Clinic Daily Toner 25 ml"
After wash your face & dry it with soft towel, apply toner to your face & gently tap for absorption. Some people say AC Clinic Daily smell very strong (kinda smell like the herbal medicine) but weirdly I love the smell of the toner.

AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion
"AC Clinic Daily Gel Lotion 25 ml"
The lotion is a bit watery but I have a difficult to get the thing out of the bottle! I have to take it out side-ways so it would release the amount of lotion I want. Apply gel lotion after toner, a small amount of gel lotion enough for whole face. It's very light lotion & not oily at all (maybe because this product oil-free). It doesn't get my face became oily, in fact my face feels a little dry in cheek area.
You can see the texture is like a gel...

AC Clinic Daily Intense Pink Powder Spot
 "AC Clinic Daily Intense Pink Powder Spot 5 ml"
The bottle is so tiny. It has a smell, more like a nail remover smell? Seriously my nail remover smells like this. Remember DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE!! After facial cleansing, dip clean cotton bud into bottom of the bottle and draw powder from bottle. Use cotton bud to dab troubled spot and using another side cotton bud coat acne with the pink powder. (cotton bud is include in this kit)
Apply the pink powder on my red pimples...

AC Clinic Daily Sun BB SPF30/PA++
"AC Clinic Daily Sun BB SPF30/PA++, 8 gr"
The BB Cream shade is light beige with a hint of pink. This shade is okay for my pale skin face. The Sun BB feels a bit moisturizing, has a medium natural coverage and leaves a slight matte finish. But after 1 hour my T-zone area starting to look a little oily, but the results will certainly vary depending on your skin type. & you maybe will need concealer to cover up 'something' you want to cover. *you know it* (^_^)
BB swatch on my hands.....sorry if the picture is not clear :-( bad camera!

The order when I using AC Clinic Trial Kit is...
In the morning: Facial foam -> Toner -> Gel Lotion -> BB Cream
In the night: Facial foam -> Toner -> Gel Lotion -> Pink Powder Spot

There you go. That's my simple review about AC Clinic Trial Kit from Etude House. This review is basicly from my own personal experience using this product. I've been used it for 7 days & my red pimples started disappears. I'm going to continue using this product until it all runs out & decided to buy this product again or not...later!

*updated info* I will definitely buy this product again! But I only using it when I got acne, not everyday... (^_^)

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Thank you for reading my review. Sorry for my bad english & maybe mistyped. I review & write with my own language, hopefully you all like it!

Have you ever try this product? Did it works to you?


  1. Thank god i found this post! I have planning to buy etude ac clinic but after read your post i think i will try the trial kit first :-)

    1. Sorry i missed your comment (>_<)
      if you have oily skin you must try this.. <3

  2. Hy.. Nice to meet,,,:)..
    how much did u spend for the etude house ac clinic trial kit?
    where i can find the item?

    1. hai,,im sorryyyyyyyy for late reply (>_<) I missed your commet..
      its around RP 130.000-145.000,,you can find it on online shop dear or just click to the link shop on my post :-)

  3. may i ask if they do shipping to other countries? is it for free? :) thanks so much :)

    1. Im sorry, I dont know if they can ship to other country,you can contact the shop [ http://www.facebook.com/beautylines ] & ask by yourself (^_^)

  4. more information on pigmentation treatment, Skin Clinic Delhi etc visit the site.

  5. Wow!surprisingly great. but what about the cost?im 15 and im saving money to by them

    1. its only 140.000 IDR in my country or around $10-12...I dont know the price outside, where are come from? :-)