December Giveaway List

 Dear blog, I already be a nice young wise mommy blogger this year. I have a request this month, I really hope I can win one of or all of this December Giveaway (Wish) List! hehehehe..
I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish.......
 I really love the 'giveaway' things! why? coz its free! (^_^) and the good news is, in december I can found a lots of free giveaway, when I type a lots it means A LOTS !! But im not joined to all blog giveaway, only joined giveaway who open worldwide. And this is december giveaway list that I have joined. 

1. Christmas circle lenses giveaway x PinkyParadise

 This free giveaway held by beauty blogger Francesca on her blog Le Petit Faon. The giveaway open worldwide & ended on December 31, 2012.
december blog giveaway
prize is a pair of lenses and a cute animal lens case

2. iambabypanda's Holiday Giveaway

 Lambabypanda give a little luxurious Christmas gift to you on her blog me and my glambitionThis giveaway is open internationally, ended on january 2013.
december blog giveaway
The prize is amazing !!

3. riceysupreme First Giveaway

 First giveaway from beauty blogger Amandaa on her blog riceysupreme and yes dear, this giveaway open internationally !! Ends on january 4, 2013.
december blog giveaway
Giveaway prize, I want it - I want it - I want it !! ;-p

4. The Amazing World Of J 500+ Followers Thank You Giveaway 

 Janine is celebrating 500+ follower on her blog The Amazing World Of J with very cool giveaway. BTW  (^_^)/ Congrats to Janine !! 
december blog giveaway
This is a lots giveaway prize!!

5. Miss Kat V 2,500 Followers Giveaway 

 Miss kat V is really happy right now, she have a lots of follower on her blog Miss Kat V. So she  held Giveaway for her follower, make sure you join this :-)
I really want all this stuff..

6. Grateful Giveaway

 Hana holding this giveaway on her blog Beauty Chica to be thankful that she recovering from a very bad accident. But so sorry this giveaway only for Indonesia resident.
You will grateful if you win this giveaway !

**I will update this post when I see new giveaway**

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