[buzz KOREA] Easy Recipe: Napa Cabbage Kimchi

napa cabbage recipe

  Why I like Kimchi? This Korean dish is delicious also healthy. Kimchi is rich in vitamins and minerals. Kimchi ingredients contains antioxidants and the studies show that some kimchi can lower cholesterol, prevent cancer growth, and good for the digestive and immune systems because it contains healthy bacteria Lactobacillus.
  Sooo, why not you try to make Kimchi in your home. This is easiest (but very tasty) Kimchi recipe i know..


- 1 piece napa cabbage large size. 
- 1/2 sticks of white radish, sliced ​​thinly lengthwise. 
- 4 scallions, thinly sliced ​​lengthwise. 
- 4 cloves garlic, grated.
 - 1 finger ginger, grated. 
- 6 tablespoon Korean chili powder. (If you dont have you can use ordinary chili powder) 
- 2 teaspoon salt kitchen. (Fine grain)
- 1 tablespoon sugar. 
- 1/2 cup sea salt. (The coarse grains) 
- 2 tablespoons Korean fish sauce. (For alternative you can use regular fish sauce)
- Water

How to prepare Kimchi: 

1. Washed napa cabbage with flowing water to the deepest pieces of leaf. Make sure the cabbage is really clean. 
2. Mix 1/2 cup sea salt with water in a large bowl. Soak cabbage in salt water solution for 6 hours. 
3. After six hours, remove cabbage and rinse again with clean water to remove any residual salts. Clean to the rest of the folds of lettuce leaves. If you like you can let the cabbage in large chunks  or cut into two parts or cut into small pieces. 
4. Mix together sugar, chili powder, ginger, garlic, spring onions, radish, fish sauce, and a little kitchen salt. Then spice mixture and apply evenly to the cabbage, to the sidelines of the deepest leaf. While you do that squeeze a little the cabbage so the liquid of natural cabbage juices out.
 5. Store in a tightly closed container (better use the glass jar) and leave for at least 2 × 24 hours. Let the herbs soak into the cabbage. 
6. Kimchi is ready to eat as appetizers (such as salad) or you can make another dish from kimchi like "Kimchi Bokkeum Bap / Kimchi Fried Rice". 

# NOTE # 
- This is Korean kimchi recipe that I think is the most basic and easy to make.
 - Kimchi recipe varies according to individual taste, but embrace the way of making kimchi is relative same (fermented). You can add other ingredients such as vegetables, carrots, cabbage, Chinese cabbage (bokcoy), cucumber and many others according to your tastes. 
- If you like the taste of spicy, can add more chili powder. If you dont like spicy, you can reduced  chili powder consumption.
 - Do not store the kimchi to be fermented in the fridge. Keep jars of kimchi at room temperature and a longer storage process will be better, because the fermentation is complete and the resulting flavors will be maximized. After that fermented process finish, you may keep kimchi in the refrigerator.