Falls In Love To Korea Because of Korean Drama

  As a young housewifes, watching Korean drama is my daily routine. Korean drama very easily captivate me, because the Korean drama always interesting and they have different storyline  from one other drama to another drama. Korean drama also taking pictures with a very beautiful angle, and location shooting feels very real. Plus lots actors and actresses sooo handsome and gorgeous!  The things often shown in the Korean drama series is daily life of Korean people, the relation of husband and wife, the lives of office workers, to the food they eat. As modern as they were, the habit of greeting everyone with 'annyeonghaseo' as they bowed the head, still they did until  now. Reflected that the Koreans are very appreciative of his culture.
 I've never been to Korea, but I felt I already see Korea through
Korean drama.
Deep inside my heart traveling to Korea, and see the beauty of Korea with my own eyes is always be my biggest dream (and passion!).
If I have the opportunity traveling to Korea, I want to see Korea in a different way. I want to see what I see in Korean dramas! Why? Because every time I finished watching Korean drama I will always imagined about what i just saw and and it will kept lasting in my memory for a long time. If someday I can traveling to Korea, I already prepare a list! what list?

I want to see in
check it out !

1. See Jjimjilbang / Korean Sauna

asian on air program Jjimjilbang korea sauna spa

 In almost every Korean drama, there's always have a scene where the characters go to the sauna or Jjimjilbang. They really enjoy the spa, sauna, relaxing time and eat herbal eggs but also sometimes sleep overnight there. It looks like Jjimjilbang / Korean Sauna are a popular getaway for Korean families, couples, and friends. When i see 'Sauna Time' scene in Korean drama, i start say "aaahh i wanna go to sauna too!" ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
 I also curious with the herbal eggs, if they go to Jjimjilbang they will eat herbal eggs, they breaking herbal eggs on their heads before they eat it, interesting isn't it?. If I can go to korea, I MUST see Jjimjilbang and try eat that yummy herbal eggs. I never breaks any eggs in my head, but if I meet Oppa Dennis, I will ran to him and say "oppa~oppa,,lets eat this eggs together,,you can break the eggs in my head..!" ☆⌒(>。≪) Ouuucchhh

2. See Tree Path in Nami Island

asian on air program nami island winter sonata

  Nami island is an offshore island in Korea. A popular Korean drama Winter Sonata had its filming there, with such scenic and extremely romantic setting. Winter Sonata is a tragic, but romantic drama that stars Choi Ji Woo as Jung Yu-Jin and Bae Yong Joon as Kang Jun-Sang. There are plenty of sweet moments and romantis scenes in this series to melt your heart! (*^^)^*)Kiss ! !
  The stretch of tree path is always in my imagination, this is my favorit scene. Because of Winter Sonata I want to see Nami Island, especially seeing the tree path in the winter, just like what i see in dramas (and in my dreams )

3. See Dae Jang Geum Kitchen

asian on air program dae jang geum theme park

  Jewel in the palace is a Korean TV miniseries that was produced and originally aired on the MBC channel in 2004. Set during the Joseon (Chosun) dynasty in the early 16th century. This is the first time I watch Korean drama with ancient setting. 'So this is the image of korea in the past time', im thinking. I falling in love with this historical dramas and watch all 54 episodes. Set in the relatively pastoral Yangju area north of Seoul, Dae Jang Geum Theme Park (named after the successful MBC Drama) is an interesting places to visit, specifically for jang geum lovers and who want to learn about Korean history.
  I remember when Jang Geum learn traditional Korean court cuisine and herbal medicine at traditional Korea kitchen. I want to see Dae Jang Geum theme park to see the kitchen! is it still looks like in the dramas? After watch this dramas, I want to learn how to make herbal medicine like Jang Geum. Seriously! ( ^‐^)_且~~ please drink this herbal tea,,while u read my blog!

4. See Palbong Bakery

asian on air program palbong bakery

  If you’ve been watching Korean drama Baker King, Kim Tak-gu (aka Bread, Love, and Dreams). There a scene when Tak Gu is drawn by the smell of bread towards a window and looking out, he sees that he is across from Pal Bong Bakery. And then Tak gu start become a bread maker, everytime he baked bread, I fell I can smell the aroma of bread!   Hmmm,,I feel hungry! I really want to see Palbong bakery and eat bread there. Is the Palbong Bakery a real bakery like on the dramas? I don't know for sure but I see on the internet, there's a Kim Tak Gu bread! Oh My God,,,My mouth watering O(≧∇≦) nom-nom-nom!

4. See Korean Karaoke / Noraebang

asian on air korean karaoke noraebang

  Here's another scene that is almost always present in all korean drama, karaoke time! ー♪
I love the scene when they sing with enthusiasm, singing with all her heart and even to tears, have fun with friends after works, and even do crazy things! Do You remember when Mama Kim breaks out the homemade alcohol and gets Jin Heon good and drunk, then the whole family goes to the noraebang. I laughed so hard while watching this, I love this scene is because we get to see Hyun Bin act drunk, complete with ridiculous facial expressions and a tie around his head.
 Most of Korean people go to noraebang to have a good time, have fun with their family, hang out with friends or went with coworkers after work. I want to see Korean Karaoke or Noraebang! I know there's a karaoke too in my country, but it's different! I want to do crazy things like I see in Korean drama. Dont negative thinking first, I mean do a crazy dance and but i will not wear tie around my head!
ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ ー♪
♪♪ lalalala!! i cant sing,,my voice is terrible! i'll just dance!

6. See White Piano from Stairway To Heaven

asian on air white piano stairway to heaven

  Did you all have watched Stairway To Heaven? It was such a sad story, I never cried so much in my whole life. I actually cried a lot ( T_T). All the shooting locations were in Seoul except for the piano playing scene on the beach, which was on the island of Muuido.   Muuido, also known as Muui Island, is an island in South Korea. It is a small island located south of Yongyu Island. With magnificent scenery, the beauty of Muuido Island ensured its selection as the filming location for the TV series 'Stairway of Heaven'. There was nothing exceptional about the sets, the drama was shot amidst the local scenery. Very simple but its really touching my heart. I want to see that romantic white piano and take a picture I play piano, even though I could not playing piano. Hehehe (^_^)V

7. See Lotus (BuYong) Pond

asian on air program buyong pond rooftop prince

 I like Rooftop Prince and laughed a lot in the beginning episodes but cried a lot in the ending ones. The ending was bittersweet. More bitter than sweet. Rooftop Prince portrays a story of the Crown Prince Lee Gak from the Joseon Dynasty who is trying to solve the mystery of the death of his Crown Princess who drowned in Lotus (buyong) pond. But not the Crown Princes were drowned in Lotus (buyong) pond, but BuYong. Sad-sad-sad! 
 I dont know exactly where is buyong pond, but i read from internet lotus (buyong) pond is in the rear garden of Changdeok Palace in Seoul. The beauty of Lotus (buyong) pond is really enchanting me. I want to see Lotus (buyong) pond and  I will walk across the pond bridge. I will pray for BuYong from there  (T_T) *silly me!!! its only drama!! but oohh,,poor buyong!

8. See Korean Man Wear a Suit

asian on air program korean man

  In Korean dramas, Korean men often wear suits, even for their daily activities their wear a suit or a shirt with a tie. They looks very comfortable and it was very cool. I wondering if in daily life in korea they also wear clothes like that or is it only in the drama?
  I know its sound silly, but I want to see the Korean man wearing a suit or a shirt with a tie! If i see korean man wear a suit and he's handsome like Oppa Min Ho in city hunter, I'll get photographed together with him. Psssttt,,,please dont tell My husband! Hahaha 
(。_°☆\(- - ) oouucchh...didnt realize my husband will read this!

9. See Korean Women Wear MakeUp

asian on air program korean women 

 After seeing all the beautiful and interesting places in Korea, I want to see another Korean beauty that is Korean women! Korean female artist I saw on dramas are known for having white skin and flawless. even though they claim to use BB cream and always wear eyeliner eyes but they look like not wearing makeup. makeup they look so natural and beautiful.
 I want to see Korean Women, are they as beautiful as the female artist that I saw on tv, or maybe prettier? and I want to see how Korean women wear makeup and I'm going to 'steal' their beauty secret! I will also ♥ (*^_^*) i will looks prettier with bb cream! 

s all  My
'Thing I want to see in korea' list. 
So much
things I want to see in korea. there are a lot of an interesting places to visit but I was Korean drama lovers, I always look at the daily life of Korean people on tv. 
I was amazed with the daily life of Korean people. I realized that, what I really want to see in Korea is the real daily life of Korean people themselves not the places.
want to see the korea in the morning, when all the residents left the house to go to work or to school, they were say 'anyeonghaseo' with a very friendly face and big smile.
busyness down the road will be very interesting to watch (I watch 'live' with my own eyes not via tv, hmm that will be totally different!)   I want to see the korea in the daytime, the bustle of the markets, the activities of the office workers passing in the street (i still want to see korean man wear a suit! hahaha) , shopping or just enjoy a cup of coffee in the cafe, looking out the window and wondering what i will do next.
want to see korea in the afternoon, when everyone release tired after work with a walk to the park, see young korean people dating at the playground (aw,,that'll be so sweet to watch..haha), see korean family having a picnic, look at the older man play janggi (korean chess) or just relaxing myself at Jjimjilbang (aaah,,this is heaven!).
  I want to see
korea at night, feeling the dynamics nights at the famous clubs, see korean people singing in noraebang, 
walking around town and try all street food in Korea. after that I will enjoying korean night sky on the Cheonggyecheon riverwalk.
  After I
was tired, I wanted to look into korea homes, enjoy eat dinner korean foods at the traditional korean dining table and a chat with the whole family, felt the warmth of the Korean family. On the night, I will sleep without blanket, the weather outside may be cold
but I will still feel warm as warmth korean citizen. I'm going to sleep well, and woke up with a big smile because my dreams are so wonderful! Yes, this is my dream, the dream of a young mother who falls in love with korea because of korean drama!

*But for now I was quite satisfied just watch Korean dramas in my small living room but big 43 inc samsung plasma tv (oppa & unni face looks very clearly here!) and keep checking Asian On Air Program on fb, aaaahh that'll be a little treat for me!

【 TV 】    ( ̄ *) me watching drama seriously,,


- Picture credit to Buzz KOREA, SBS, Hancinema, Drama Fever, google & edited by Me <3
- I wanna say thank you to Korea people for making such beautiful drama,,Korean drama have colored my days became more beautiful, meaningful and colorful!

                                  DREAM, BELIEVE, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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  1. u so right,,watching korea drama and read your article makes me want to go to korea :-) nice job!

  2. nice post sis..wish u luck and go to korea like in your dream!

  3. about number 8, not all men wearing suit, they dress like that only in drama I think.
    you can read some korean fact here, our fellow indonesian blogger who are go to Korean just last month invited by Etude house.

    still, tetep aja pengen ke korea deh yaa, >o<
    thanks for the info, will try to check about this contest and maybe join it!

    Good luck dear!


  4. thank you for all the support \(^_^)/
    @accu & imidiot,,lets join this event & go to korea together! hehehe
    @sarah_ hahaha,,i know no 8 its too good to be true! korean drama already blind my eyes..lol..thats why i want to go to korea & see the reality (^_^) ayo join sis,,siapa tau kita beruntung ke korea,,kita buktikan apakah pria disana berjas atau tidak,,hahahaha

  5. Hi Putri..
    I sincerly hope that you can win this competition, since you are a drama addict, and you are also a mom like me...hahaha...

    Actually I am an Indonesian winner for Touch Korea Tour 2012, I met Wooyoung 2 PM last June...

    Based on your list, in my trip..no. 4 checked...I went to Noraebang,..

    And no. 3, I went to Jeju Island and took a picture in the place where Janggeum shoot the drama...amazing...

    If you have time, please visit my blog to read the whole story :)

  6. @ bibi titi teliti woooaaaaaa,,,cool!! i surely will visit your blog & read all your story,,but i will a lil bit jelly to you,,hahaha i want go to noraebang & do crazy dance! lol
    thank you for your support,,i wish i could win too ;-) as a young girl until i become young mom (im 25 with 2 boys,,my life is amazing,,hehehe) i can say i grow up with korean drama,,hahaha

    if u have fb please support me too in fb
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    thank you so-so-so-so much! <3

  7. thank you for the info miss. i will join asian on air program too! please support me back!

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  9. good luck dear, hope ur dream comes true

  10. Thank you all (^_~)*
    I wish a best luck for everybody who join this cool event <3

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  14. Arigato ne Oneesan kyoko & kimmi (^_^)
    I wish u best luck ya fauziah,,nanti aku mampir ke blog kamu ;-)

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